VMware Announces New vCloud Director 9.0

We are excited to announce VMware vCloud Director 9.0, which is the second major announcement this year for vCloud Director, following the GA of vCloud Director 8.20 in February 2017. VMware’s continued investment in the strategic cloud management platform for VMware Cloud Providers delivers three immediate benefits to VMware cloud providers worldwide:

  1. Simplified cloud consumption for tenants. The new HTML5 UI isn’t a mere facelift – we have fundamentally redesigned key workflows, such as creating a new VM, to be easy and straightforward for tenants. Creating a new VM used to take seven screens – now it can be done on one screen with a handful of choices.

                               vCloud Director FLEX UI                          New! vCloud Director 9.0 UI

                         In the old paradigm, creating a VM                Now it’s quick & easy to create a

                        took lots of screens, lots of choices                VM – one screen, seven steps



  1. Simple and Secure Cloud Migration. vCloud Director 9.0 includes the critical feature vCloud Director Extender – a simple, free, vCenter plugin that allows VMware customers worldwide to connect directly to their Cloud Provider’s vCloud Director environment for workload migration and L2 extension (NSX not required on prem).

Millions of currently on prem workloads will migrate to the cloud in the next few years and millions more will require easy and secure data center extension capabilities. vCloud Director Extender is the fastest on-ramp to the cloud.


  1. VMware Cloud Provider Platform – a tested, validated, and provider-scale combination of VMware’s SDDC stack (including vSphere, NSX, and vSAN) along with critical Cloud Provider solutions (vCloud Director, vCloud Usage Meter, vCloud Availability) – enables providers worldwide to efficiently leverage VMware’s best of breed software-defined technology in order to accelerate the time to market of their own unique, value-added services.


Cloud Provider Immedion joined us on camera for a brief video (link) explaining the value that their business realizes from the entire Cloud Provider Platform, with vCloud Director at the heart of their environment:

vCloud Director was chosen due to its multi-tenant isolation and its self-service portal.  Next we focused on the advanced networking features such as the load balancers, the virtual firewalls and the distributed logical router.  Finally, migrations are seamless using vCloud Director Extender

Brad Alexander
Chief Technology Officer


Advance Praise for vCloud Director 9.0

As increasing numbers of VMware Cloud Providers turn to vCloud Director for provider-grade scalability, self-service, and accelerated service monetization across IaaS and Managed Hosting offerings, we are very appreciative of the number of providers – as well as key ISV partners – who participated in our beta program and provided invaluable feedback. A number of them have shared their thoughts on vCloud Director 9.0:

VMware vCloud Director 9.0 contains more muscle than any prior release. It includes essentially everything the community asked for and more, marking it as the “most anticipated” release of vCloud Director in 2017 alone. The new features and improvements will make even the most skeptical IT pro a believer. Tenants of service providers, meanwhile, will reap the benefits and effortlessly adapt to the easy-to-use, familiar environment. Great job, VMware Team!”

Eugene Kashperovetskyi
Product Architect

vCloud Director is the backbone of our Hosted cloud offering. With the release of vCloud Director 9.0 our customers will utilize functionality that seemed impossible 5 years ago. This release will reduce our management overhead, giving us the ability to increase focus our customers. The introduction of a postgres database backend really get our blood flowing from a cost reduction standpoint. We are very excited to introduce 9.0 to our customers and partners.”

Nick Kranz
Technical Consultant
Centre Technologies

We are excited about vCloud Director 9.0 on many levels because we believe it will impact numerous aspects of our business. Our customers will benefit from the new user friendly interface with HTML 5 enhancements, giving them the ability to deploy and control infrastructure in multiple locations from a single pane of glass. This brings tremendous time savings, and ultimately, greater customer satisfaction.”

William L Bell II
VP of Products

vCloud Director 9.0 is, without question, the most significant release in vCloud Director’s long history with the new HTML5 tenant UI proving VMware’s commitment to the platform. This release also contains features that service providers can leverage to enhance their vCloud based offerings such as support for Postgres, additional NSX networking features, support for vSAN and VVol and multi-site connectivity. Finally, Application Extensibility for the UI to allow 3rd party plugins is a significant new feature and will allow vendors to tap into vCD even more to enhance the client experience.”

Anthony Spiteri
‎Technical Evangelist
Veeam Software

At Green Cloud, we are most excited about the modern interface, streamlined workflows, and the upcoming plugin architecture. We look forward to the continued evolution of vCloud Director as the center of our IaaS offering.”

Wiley Wimberly
Senior Systems Architect
Green Cloud

VMware Cloud Providers and key ISV partners are enthusiastic about the impact vCloud Director 9.0 will have on their businesses, and we are all looking forward to our partners leveraging these new capabilities for further growth. #longlivevcd