CloudHealth by VMware now available to VMware MSPs through VMware Cloud Provider Hub!

CloudHealth by VMware now available to VMware MSPs through VMware Cloud Provider Hub!

VMware is excited to announce the general availability of CloudHealth by VMware on the VMware Cloud Provider Hub! This will be available to partners globally through the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model under the VMware Cloud Provider Program.

The MSP model under the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) enables partners to leverage SaaS offerings to broaden their technology portfolio and wrap these solutions with unique managed services, without having to invest in additional data center resources. The MSP model enables partners to benefit from faster time-to-market and consolidate operations and billings.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub is a platform that VMware MSP partners use to transact, deploy and provision VMware as-a-service offerings. The Cloud Provider Hub brings a new level of speed and simplicity to expanding MSP services for VMware Cloud Providers. CloudHealth joins our existing offerings VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Log Intelligence on Cloud Provider Hub.

What is CloudHealth?

CloudHealth is a multi-cloud management platform that enables ends users and partners to analyze, optimize, and govern multi-cloud operations from a single pane of glass. A platform for management, operations, and service delivery, the CloudHealth Partner Platform provides a centralized console to simplify customer management and streamline billing to deliver value added services.

It provides the ability to isolate customer usage and cost for internal reporting needs and set unique pricing, while giving branded access to the platform as a value-added service to customers. Partners are able to improve efficiency, monetize their public cloud business, and increase margins.

The CloudHealth Partner Platform was specifically designed to help MSPs offer superior cloud management services, address a rapidly expanding industry opportunity and boost profitability. CloudHealth works with MSPs to help accelerate their ability to extend their service portfolio and bring strategic cloud services to market quicker to address multi-cloud requirements.

What is the value that MSPs derive from CloudHealth?

Businesses seek support with cloud migrations, infrastructure design, security and ongoing support. Partners provide critical value to businesses grappling with these and other commonplace cloud challenges related to complexity and scale. MSPs are able to leverage CloudHealth in order to become the next generation of service providers, benefitting from recommendations and best practices for packaging up and selling managed cloud services, full health checks, and reserved instance management. Furthermore, CloudHealth can help partners align to industry frameworks and pass MSP audits to obtain accreditation with AWS and Azure.

Why is this important for customers and partners?

Every organization is on a multi-cloud journey. As customers are now embracing multi-cloud driven by diverse and evolving business needs, VMware Cloud Providers are trusted advisors for customers in their cloud journey. The VMware Cloud Provider Program is a key pillar to the VMware Cloud strategy, representing more than 4,200 partners in more than 120 countries that are delivering services using VMware Cloud solutions. Collectively, VCPP partners serve more than 150,000 customers with millions of VMs deployed. Customers can benefit from a robust, differentiated set of enterprise-class clouds using the latest VMware innovations to simplify hybrid cloud adoption and management with consistent infrastructure and new cloud services.

With the new innovations such as CloudHealth, cloud providers are better able to capture the industry opportunity for multi-cloud managed services. With CloudHealth, partners can create managed services to support customers adopting a multi-cloud strategy inclusive of non-VMware based clouds. By adopting new solutions such as CloudHealth, VMware Cloud Providers enhance their position as trusted cloud advisor to customers by addressing the complexity of multi-cloud management.

How can I learn more about CloudHealth on Cloud Provider Hub?

Please visit our VMware Cloud Provider Hub website to learn more on how you can sign up for the CloudHealth on Cloud Provider Hub.