Innovations Galore for Cloud Providers at VMworld 2019 Europe

The VMware engineering team has been operating at a breakneck pace over the past year to deliver new innovations for cloud provider and managed service provider partners. At VMworld 2019 Europe, the innovation cycle for this year reaches a crescendo! We have some massive announcements that will help our partners continue to expand their business and thrive in the cloud space.

The Game Changer: Multi-Tenancy in VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud Director service is the flagship announcement for VMware’s cloud provider partners at VMworld 2019 Europe. Multi-tenancy on VMware Cloud on AWS has been among the top items of interest since 2017, and we’re proud to announce that VMware is now delivering vCloud Director’s industry-leading multi-tenancy and service-delivery engine to VMware Cloud on AWS.

With Cloud Director service, providers will be able to leverage and serve bite-sized pools of VMware Cloud on AWS resources to small and medium-sized customers that may be just starting out on their hybrid cloud journey. Cloud providers can also use the global scale of VMware Cloud on AWS availability zones to seamlessly expand their cloud footprint to new geographies, customers, verticals, and lines of business. And all of this is being made available under their preferred management framework and constructs of vCloud Director. You can learn more about this solution right here.

Simplify Multi-Cloud Service-Delivery: Introducing Project Path

At VMworld Europe, we’re also unveiling Project Path—a unified, developer-ready platform that aims to accelerate cloud service-delivery by simplifying operations across both VMware-based clouds and public clouds. Project Path is the manifestation of VMware’s vision for its cloud provider partners—to help them expand from infrastructure services to turnkey cloud platforms that are developer-friendly. Project Path will be showcased as a demo in the Cloud Provider booth at Solutions Exchange, so stop by to check it out if you’re at the show. To everyone, stay tuned for deep-dives, demo videos, and more!

Welcome Developers on to Your Cloud with Bitnami 

On the applications front, we’ve made quick progress on integrating the Bitnami Community Catalog for our cloud provider partners. The entire catalog is now available to VCPP partners to deliver to their end-customers’ virtual datacenters and organizations within vCloud Director.

For those not familiar with Bitnami, it provides customers with access to a rich set of workload solutions such as developer tools, databases and network & security packages. These pre-packaged solutions form the building blocks of new applications and can shorten the “builder’s journey” —an end-to-end process that tracks an application’s lifecycle from initial requirements to going live. With Bitnami, Cloud Providers can now attract developer workloads into their clouds and manage them with vCloud Director. Get the details here.

Expand Multi-Cloud Automation with vRealize Automation Cloud in Hub

The portfolio of SaaS offerings available through Cloud Provider Hub continues to expand, giving partners more capabilities to monetize and grow their business. VMware announced the addition of VMware vRealize Automation Cloud (formerly CAS or Cloud Automation Services) to the Cloud Provider Hub. Comprised of three services—Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, and Code Stream—cloud providers can use these offerings to provide new application and developer services to their customers by helping them define, aggregate and deploy applications across clouds. Check out this blog featuring the latest!

Deliver Robust Resiliency Services with New DRaaS Features

We also announced the release of vCloud Availability 3.5—the leading platform for data protection and availability services in vCloud Director for VMware cloud providers. The latest release further simplifies large-scale DR with multi-site management under a single vCloud Availability instance that allows auto-replication from primary and secondary sites.

vCloud Availability 3.5 also enables grouping and tiering of VMs for protection which ensures consistent recovery points (RPOs) across all grouped machines. For example, an application that is comprised of a web server, database server, and application server could be grouped together and recovered jointly. VMs can also be grouped into tiers based on target RPOs. Virtual machines requiring different RPO levels can be grouped so that all critical machines recover together, and less critical VMs can be brought up subsequently.

With vCloud Availability 3.5, providers can now monitor and analyze per VM traffic consumption in real time right from the UI to ensure efficiency and performance

Accelerate Cloud Provisioning with Cloud Provider Pod on Dell EMC

Since the launch of Cloud Provider Pod a year back, the product has been adopted by cloud providers large and small to automate their infrastructure deployment, resulting in massive savings and accelerated time-to-value. However, we have also heard consistent feedback to add validated hardware reference designs that the Pod stack gets deployed on. And this year at VMworld, we’re proud to unveil the first Cloud Provider Pod on Dell EMC reference design—a vSAN Ready Node architecture that can be stood up in a few clicks, enabling providers to go from zero to turnkey cloud service-delivery in a matter of hours. How-to’s, tutorials, and demos coming soon!

Monumental Innovations Keep Coming

In all, the cloud provider team at VMware has delivered some monumental innovations for our cloud partners this year. And it’s been heartening to see blistering adoption of our solutions among the cloud provider community to fuel their rapid growth.

As always, you can learn all about VMware’s cloud provider innovations at, or stay up to date on the latest by following @cloudhappens. And if you’re at VMworld Europe, swing by to any of our 40+ cloud provider-focused sessions!