VMware CloudMasters – Enablement Launch

I am happy to announce the launch of VMware CloudMasters enablement training for our providers within the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP). In this post, we will detail out what this program entails in coordination with our aggregators.

What is it?

The genesis of CloudMasters was to provide a fundamental training plan on enabling technical professionals on the VMware Cloud Provider Platform. We’ve done roadshows, specific training to a solution, but nothing that brings the “pieces of the puzzle” together. Moreover, we wanted to make this into a session that can be interactive, drive creativity, and collaborative with others.

Most importantly, this enablement training will be done by the VMware field Solutions Engineering team, including myself. Our overall goal is to provide knowledge and guidance in examples, scenarios, and solution architecture for our Cloud Providers.

This enablement training will be split up into the following sessions:

  • Two online sessions – 2.5 hours each
  • Two onsite days at a centralized location

End goals for attendees:

  • Receive the designation of  ‘VMware CloudMaster’
  • Gain fundamental understanding of key VMware solution sets
  • Understand how to achieve Cloud Verified status
  • Learn how to convey the VMware Cloud Provider Platform strategy and products to customers and peers
  • Work together on building a high-level design and defending a solution set

This isn’t your ordinary training however – you’ll see why shortly.

Focus Areas

In the diagram above, the red circled solution sets will be our focused areas within CloudMasters training. Our goal is to cover the following:

  • Solution enablement of the Cloud Provider Platform that encapsulates fundamental / “101-level” training of the following:
    • vCloud Director
    • NSX
    • vCloud Availability and Migration Solutions
    • vRealize Operations / Log Insight
    • vSAN
    • VMware Cloud on AWS / Cloud Provider Hub
  • Understanding the VMware Cloud Provider Program Points Model
  • Achieving VMware Cloud Verified at your provider
  • Typical Cloud Use Cases
  • Work in a team setting on a customer scenario on presenting a VMware solution based on set requirements and challenges

So what’s out of scope?

  • As one would expect, we have a limited amount of time and we have to prescribe a training regiment for CloudMasters. While we might lightly touch on other topics, we will be focusing on the key areas as stated above.
  • There will be very focused technical points on each solution set that will be discussed. However, this is not a substitution for the comprehensive training by VMware Education or our training partners on any of the Install/Configure/Manage, Design, Fast Track, courses.


  • Online Workshops
    • We will be covering the basics of our VMware Cloud Provider Platform stack, inclusive of the points model.
    • Also prep and answer questions for attendees for expectations the onsite workshop, which will be the following week.
  • Onsite Workshop – Day 1
    • Day 1 is focused on getting deeper into the solution sets – we will have a significant amount of time dedicated to understanding the Cloud Provider Platform and model, cloud use cases, and each of the point solutions (vCD, NSX, vSAN, etc).
    • We will be making this as interactive as possible and focusing on the key points of each solution. Our team is expected to split up the enablement between live demonstrations, whiteboarding, and presentation material.
    • Our goal is to prepare you for the fun on Day 2.
  • Onsite Workshop – Day 2
    • After doing a recap of any remaining material, we will be breaking the attendees out into groups.
    • Each group will be given a customer scenario that summarizes their business, challenges, and requests. These are typically common situations we’ve seen in the field.
    • Every team will come back to the class with a solution presentation (high-level) – could be a presentation, a whiteboard, or even a demonstration.
    • The onsite VMware Solutions Engineering team will ‘play’ the customer and ask follow up questions on the overall proposed solution.
    • Overall, our goal is to drive discussions about each of these customer scenarios and discuss options available based on the business and technical requirements. Also, let’s have fun with it!

I’m Interested!

Word has been spreading fast about CloudMasters – so I’m sure many of you are wondering how you can participate in an upcoming class. VMware CloudMasters is in coordination and partnership with our aggregators. We are launching CloudMasters initially in the US with availability shortly in other global regions.

If you are interested in CloudMasters, please talk to your aggregator or VMware Cloud Provider field team to find out further info on upcoming CloudMasters events.

Looking for training and information today, browse through technical papers, videos, case studies and more on the Cloud Solutions Resource page. Last of all, you can always reach out to our team at vcpp_gtm@vmware.com for further information.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the next CloudMasters event!