CloudSpot episode 14 – Cloud Provider Hub and VMware Cloud Foundation with Luis Ayuso

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Luis Ayuso who is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) suite amongst other things. We will discuss the future of Cloud Provider Pod, where VCF 4.0 is headed and why it’s a great offering for service providers to consider.

VMware Cloud Foundation is an important solution for cloud providers to standardise their cloud services upon, with inbuilt rapid deployment, and day 2 operations provided by the SDDC lifecycle manager, it can save cloud providers operational cost and provide granular flexibility to expand as required. Now it is available to providers in our Flex program as metered usage instead of per core, there is a commercial attraction to use this solution. But VMware Cloud Director is still required to be deployed manually on top, we will discuss this and the relative merits of VCF with Cloud Director and how a cloud provider could look at using this solution for their cloud offerings.

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