VMware Cloud Provider Pod 1.0 is now Available!

With Love, from VMware to the Cloud Provider

Cloud Providers are specialists in multi-cloud management for Enterprise customers today. They are harbingers of the bleeding edge in multi-cloud, and caretakers of compliance and security for cross-cloud applications. If you’re among that crème de la crème of cloud admins that get to call themselves Cloud Providers, VMware is bringing you some great news today.

VMware Cloud Provider Pod, an automated deployer for VMware cloud environments, is now available. Announced at VMworld in August 2018, Cloud Provider Pod brings customization, speed, and reliability to the deployment of Cloud Provider environments.

3 Key Cloud Provider Asks. Delivered.

The Cloud Provider Pod delivers three key innovations –

  • The Cloud Provider Pod Designer allows you to design a cloud environment of your choice. Need network assessment? Check. Need hyper-converged storage? Check. If not, uncheck. It’s really that simple.
  • The Cloud Provider Pod Deployer auto-configures and deploys the full stack of VMware software solutions selected for your custom-designed cloud with a single click.
  • In addition, the Cloud Provider Pod generates detailed cloud design and operations blueprints customized to your designed environment based on VMware Validated Designs. These are known as VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers.

Focused on Your Business Outcomes

Cloud Provider environments are complex to set up, optimize and maintain. Add to that the varying needs of your customer-base, performance concerns at scale, seasonal variability, and interop and reliability considerations. All of this leads to staff productivity drain, underutilized capex, ballooning opex, and increased time to market.

Cloud Provider Pod aims to alleviate many of these problems.

By giving the Cloud Provider admin the independence to custom-design a software-defined datacenter, the Pod leverages existing investments, vendor relationships and skillsets. The Pod can deploy a cloud on an extremely wide range of hardware (see User Guide), and this environment can be integrated seamlessly with existing vCloud Director environments.

The Cloud Provider Pod saves potentially months of deployment effort by automating the preparation and deployment of management and resource clusters. The resulting stack possesses core cloud provider capabilities such as datacenter extension, migration, multi-tenancy, chargeback, multi-site, availability, and metering. Moreover, with cloud services natively built into VMware vCloud Director, such as cloud operations, hybrid extension, datacenter stretching, backup, and more, the Pod helps you – as a cloud provider – get to service-readiness faster than ever before.

Finally, the Pod eliminates staff drain and work-hours owing to interop, scale and reliability testing by auto-generating VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers, in adherence with VMware’s famed VVDs. VVD for Cloud Providers are rigorously tested for scale and performance so that your cloud environment ‘just works’, even for business-critical workloads. VVD for Cloud Providers adopt the proven software-defined datacenter design principles of VMware Validated Designs and add validation and testing to suit Cloud Provider environments.

VVD for Cloud Providers have a targeted refresh of every six months, in close alignment with every new release of Cloud Provider Pod.

Get Started

The Cloud Provider Pod was built based on close attention to feedback from the Cloud Provider family. The Pod helps Cloud Providers design a custom cloud environment that lowers their infrastructure spend; deploys a datacenter environment in one click, reducing their time to revenue; and helps get to seamless cloud operations and maintenance, improving customer satisfaction.

Get started with the Cloud Provider Pod!

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