Migrate Data to the Cloud with a VMware Cloud Provider Free Trial

A business can only grow as fast as its IT infrastructure allows. Without the proper technical support (or if relying too heavily on legacy systems) business growth will stymie.

But transitioning from a legacy system to the cloud can feel intimidating, especially if the cloud is new territory. Long-established businesses may understandably be hesitant to move their data from their legacy system to the public or hybrid cloud. To ease this transition, VMware offers prospective customers a 14-day free trial through a curated group of cloud partners. This helps make the move to cloud computing environments easier for new users.

How You Can Have a Free VMware Cloud Provider Trial

Interested? Great. Select your industry when you visit our VMware Cloud Provider guided search page, then select your industry vertical, the type of cloud services you are looking for, any special compliance certification needs and data location requirements. After answering the above prompts, you’ll then be asked a final question: “Are you only interested in cloud providers that offer a free trial?” Click “yes,” and you’ll be shown a selection of VMware Cloud Provider partners that can meet your IT needs.

VMware Cloud Providers offer a variety of cloud services during the 14-day free trial include:

  • Desktop as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Management
  • And more

For a minimum of 14 days (timing will vary by partner) you’ll get to experience the hybrid capabilities of the cloud and all the advantages that come with working with a VMware Cloud Provider partner.

If you’re ready to find your ideal Cloud Provider, visit us at CloudProviders.Vmware.com.

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