Introducing VMware’s new, SaaSy Usage Metering Service, vCloud Usage Insight!

vCloud Usage Insight

Addressing one of the top asks of our cloud providers, we are excited to introduce vCloud Usage Insight, a simple, SaaS tool that automates the monthly usage reports to VMware—saving you time and resources so you can focus more on your strategic priorities.

Announcing vCloud Usage Insight

VMware vCloud Usage Meter helps Cloud Providers automate the usage of VMware resources on a consumption-based monthly subscription. With vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1, Cloud Providers are now entitled to vCloud Usage Insight, a SaaS tool that provides automated usage reporting, simple onboarding, secure data transfer and aggregation of usage across all contracts and sites. No more manual reporting. No more manual submissions. vCloud Usage Insight is available free of charge.


Addressing a Top Ask with Automation

You spoke. We heard. The Usage Meter team conducted a survey for feedback on Usage Meter globally. Below are the key findings.

vCloud Usage Meter Survey Results

As clear from above, our top two feedback items were:

  1. Automatic upload to Business Portal
  2. One Stop shop for information consumption

Our latest Usage Metering service, vCloud Usage Insight addresses your #1 feedback item of automatic upload to Business Portal.

vCloud Usage Meter Reporting


Delivering Benefits from Automation to Security

 vCloud Usage Insight addresses key pain points of the past and delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Auto-upload to Business Portal: Pre-populates usage into Business Portal making it ready for you to review.
  • Aggregation of usage: Automatically aggregates usage across all Usage appliances by contract and site
  • Integration with vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.x
  • Supports end user reporting
  • Simple on-boarding process with delegation to multiple operators
  • Full control to edit usage in Business Portal before submitting.
  • Secure data transfer and storage
  • Data is anonymized for complete privacy

To help facilitate one stop information consumption, the microsite for vCloud Usage Meter and vCloud Usage Insight is now live, please visit

vCloud Usage Insight Microsite

Below is the onboarding process for vCloud Usage Insight through the microsite: 

vCloud Usage Insight On-boarding


See what our early adopters of vCloud Usage Insight have to say!

vCloud Usage Insight TekLinks Success

vCloud Usage Insight FNTS Success

Sign up for vCloud Usage Insight today!  vCloud Usage Insight

Author – Madhuri Murlikrishnan