Managed Service Provider Platform 1.5 for VMware Cloud on AWS – Single Host Software Defined Data Center and Multi-currency support

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, launched in March enabled solution providers, managed service providers, and system integrators to grow their hybrid cloud business with a unique offering of VMware Cloud on AWS.

As you might be aware, this program has been enthusiastically adopted by partners. With the recent MSP 1.5 release, we are excited to provide our partners several low cost options to test and run customer proof of concept environments within VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) and to also allow for multi-currency support so providers can transact within their regions in their currency.

A single Host Software Defined Data Center Option

Partners can use MSP  commit contract for VMC on AWS  to purchase Single Host Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Option for testing and development purposes. It can be used internally by the partner or resold to the end customer. Only one Single Host SDDC can be deployed in each tenant org at any time and there is a limit of two Single Host SDDC per partner. This new single host offering is offered at a 30% partner discount on hourly on-demand MSRP price of $7 per hour. This would enable customers who want a lower-cost entry point to prove the value of VMware Cloud on AWS in their environments before opting to upgrade to 4 node production SDDC within 30 days.

Check out the features supported by Single Host SDDC and limitations by referring to Product FAQs

Steps to create a single host SDDC

The process to receive service invitation is same as for 4 node SDDC. However there are a few minor changes from the previous creation of 4 node SDDC.

  • Select Single Host option, region to be deployed in.
  • When you create a Single Host SDDC, you can choose to not link to an AWS account. However you must connect an AWS account within 14 days or before scaling up your single host SDDC

Steps to scale up Single Host SDDC to a 4-node within 30 days without any interruption or loss of data

4-Node On Demand SDDC

Partners can use the MSP VMC commit contract to purchase a full 4-Node On-Demand SDDC for demo purposes only (not for resale) at a 30% discount promotional discount for a limited time.

Multi-currency support for MSP to transact

With the multi-currency support, partners can now transact in following six currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD and CHY . Commit contracts can be created in these local currencies and associated with the master and tenant organizations as payment method and currency for services associated to these organizations. Once created, the currency cannot be changed.

With a simplified console and Single node SDDC, it is now faster to onboard and create a master org by selecting the ToS with a click, it is extremely easy and cheap to start using the service today. (screenshots below)

VMware Cloud Services console with one service VMware Cloud on AWS enabled

If you would like to learn more on the geographic expansion, GDPR readiness and other features updates on VMC on AWS please refer to the below resources:

For any Managed Service Provider questions please send to or for Program Operational questions.