Smart Infrastructure and Terraform VCD Provider 3.0.0

Hot on the heels of VMware Cloud Director 10.2 – Terraform VCD Provider 3.0.0 provides additional capabilities including initial NSX-T support and many partner and user feature requests, as well as support for VCD 10.2.

What benefit can VCD Terraform Provider 3.0.0 bring you?

If you’re running VMware Cloud Director 10.2, you already have some great capabilities, especially new Dev-Ready Cloud services addressing developer personas. Now you can drive even more consumption of your cloud and provide your customers even more flexibility to drive infrastructure as code onto the entire platform, including initial NSX-T networking components (Org VDC backed by NSX-T and external networks).

Terraform is a great tool for building, modifying existing and versioning infrastructure quickly and efficiently from code. Customers can provision entire estates using Terraform using simple to consume configuration files, and the more items available to configure, the more controls you have. The Terraform VCD Provider is a continuously evolving project that continually provides additional resources as they are created in new VCD versions and provides the API interactions to those resources.

Terraform VCD Provider 3.0.0 provides your customers more resources to configure and more capabilities than ever before. Supporting VCD 9.7 and beyond, there are a large selection of VCD resources. NSX-T is in initial support with Org VDC, External Networks and coverage for Data sources for NSX-T Manager and Tier-0 Router. Each next release will add more NSX-T resources and data sources, gradually fulfilling wider and more customized workflows.

What’s new?

As well as the long awaited NSX-T support, other highlights of the release include:

  • Access control for vApps
  • Data source for Org User
  • VDC VM sizing policy
  • Global settings resource for LB and FW in NSX-V Edge Gateway
  • Hot-add support of CPU, memory for VM
  • Hot-update support of network for VM

Pay attention……

This is a major 3.0.0 release by the standards of semantic versioning it does contain some breaking changes that you need to be aware of!

We have removed obsolete configuration fields and fixed some bugs by using this opportunity. Please see “Removed resources and fields” section in the front page of the docs to help with the upgrade.

Where can I get Terraform VCD Provider 3.0.0 from?

This 3.0.0 release is hosted in the new Terraform registry and supports the latest Terraform 0.13 version. The switch to our users should be seamless to the extent made possible by the terraform 0.13 upgrade command. Ensure you follow the upgrade instructions.

You can download the source bytes here and find the latest documentation here.