Welcome to our vCommunity Slack Workspace – VMware Cloud Providers!

Within the VMware Cloud Provider Solutions Engineering team, we are always looking for new ways to collaborate with our Cloud Service Providers. One of the recent additions is a Slack workspace called VMware Cloud Providers.


Intent and Goals

The intent of this Slack workspace is further our field collaboration with Cloud Service Providers. Many of the Solutions Engineers are working closely with many of you and this is a great way of expanding this level of communication. Moreover, this provides everyone an additional forum to discuss specific VMware technologies as it relates to VCPP.

This Slack community is supported by a few of the VCPP Solutions Engineers, like myself. We try to be prompt with any responses, but please note this is something we are supporting when possible.

Overall Goals:

  1. Establish a venue for constructive conversation around technical topics in VCPP
  2. Ability to chat and connect with VCPP Solutions Engineers
  3. Have technical discussions with other peers in the service provider industry
  4. Information and questions on upcoming additions to VCPP from a technical point of view

All providers are welcome to join, but the focus will be technical conversations. Please note this channel is for professionals and will be moderated as such. Last of all, this is not a substitute/shortcut for the typical support and operations channels such as GSS or VCPP Operations team.

We want to leverage this channel to discuss new services, developments, and constructive conversations that evolve around VCPP.


Currently, we have the following channels available:

  • #euc
  • #hcx
  • #nsx
  • #storage
  • #usagemeter
  • #vcd
  • #vcf
  • #vrops

Always looking for ways to expand this also.

Join us!

If you’re looking to join, please click on this link to signup and join our VMware Cloud Partners Slack workspace. 

VMware Cloud Providers Slack workspace

From there, you will receive a verification email. If you have any questions, please free to reach out. Thanks!