A New Site for Technical Information

VMware vSphere IconThis past summer the technical marketing teams behind VMware Cloud Foundation, vSAN, and vSphere came together under one hypothetical “roof” inside VMware. Just like with roommates or relationships, when people move in together one big question is “where does all the stuff go?” So, we started a new site,, just for all of our technical information!

You may have seen mentioned as far back as with VMworld 2020, with new content going up there, and old content from Storage Hub and vSphere Central being refreshed and reposted. Some great examples of this are:

This is the vSphere blog, so we’re a little biased, but if you’re a vSAN fan (and you should be, especially with the new features in vSAN 7U1), or interested in the rapid deployment and time-to-value that VMware Cloud Foundation brings, there’s plenty of information out there, too. And more coming out soon as we revise our vSphere technical information for vSphere 7, the HTML5 vSphere Client, and the world we live in nowadays.

Is the site perfect? Not yet! It’s a work in progress as our products evolve. Are we excited about it? Heck yes! We think that this new platform, and the collaboration going on, is going to allow us to create some really great technical information moving forward. Our goal is a “one stop shop” for operational information for vSphere, vSAN, and Cloud Foundation – the CORE of the software-defined data center (hence the name). If helps answer the “how” questions, our goal on is to help answer “why?”

So here’s what we’d like you to do:

From all of us at VMware, we hope you’re doing alright in this strange year, and we thank you for being our customers. We love feedback – please let us know if and how we can help you and your organizations move your missions forward efficiently, securely, and safely.