SAP on VMWare Availability and Recovery Guide

SAP provides a range of enterprise software applications and business solutions to manage and run the complete business of a company. These mission-critical systems require continuous availability.

A correctly architected and highly available solution can provide applications such as those from SAP with acceptable operational uptime by countering the impact of unplanned downtime. Although downtime can also be planned for maintenance and patching activities, the unplanned outages have the greatest effect on production uptime.

SAP on VMware Availability and Disaster Recovery Guide covers high-availability solutions of virtualized SAP solutions on VMware, to protect against unplanned downtime in the same data center, and disaster recovery (DR) for entire site failure. Unplanned downtime refers to an outage in system availability due to infrastructure or software failure—server, storage, network, software, or operating system (OS) crash, and so on—or an entire site disaster. SAP products and solutions provide mission-critical business processes that must be highly available even in the event of a site disaster.