The Mint Newsletter – issue 78

* News about Mint

Monthly Stats – February 2009

mintCast – Episode 8

Email problems in Forums now completely solved

Short news about Mint from Twitter/Identica

* News about Linux

The Linux Foundation is taking over

OpenSUSE hard hit by Novell’s layoffs

KDE 4.2.1 released

FFmpeg 0.5 released

Xandros introduces Presto

Codeweavers to incorporate DX 10 (roadmap)

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

French police: we saved millions of euros by adopting Ubuntu

The Open Source replacement for Flash called Gnash has reached 0.8.5

* News about IT

One small mistake (if it even was a mistake) almost brought down the entire internet

What happened and why (why – basically not all routers on the internet are Cisco routers)

New Variant of Koobface Worm Spreading on Facebook (as always Windows only)

IT pro gets four years for building botnets

Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission

Exploit can hit Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows without even opening the file.

BBC team exposes cyber crime risk

L0phtCrack is back!

CSRF vulnerability in GMail service

Safekeeping Twitter Accounts

Security vendors to block police hacks

Arbor Networks Unveils the World’s Most Comprehensive Internet Monitoring System

* Hardware news

Intel Kept Global Chip Crown in 2008, AMD Fell From Top Ten

IBM Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC) – a USB pen drive for safe banking business

* Other news

Judge orders defendant to decrypt PGP-protected laptop

The Bush administration listened to “everything” according to papers just released

* Comic of the week

I’ll report about this trial when the sentence has been passed

Credit goes to xkcd –

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