The Mint Newsletter – issue 79

* News about Mint

mintCast – Episode 9

Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna reaches end-of-life

Linux Mint now has a forum at

New packages are continuously added to the community repositories – merlwiz79 has made a .deb that makes the “software-sources” application work on Mint


* News about Linux

LINUX MASCOT: Tux to make way for Tasmanian Devil

And this is what’s new in the latest kernel 2.6.29

Gnome 2.26 released

The ext4 data loss issue (by one of the devs)

Chromium on Ubuntu ! [HOW TO]

digiKam 0.10.0 release for KDE4

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

Richard Stallman: You may be running non-free programs on your computer every day without realizing it—through your web browser.

Khronos Launches Initiative to Create Open Royalty Free Standard for Accelerated 3D on the Web

* News about IT

Microsoft, Lexmark to cross-license patents

TomTom gets allies in Microsoft Linux patent lawsuit fight

The next version of Firefox will be 3.5 not 3.1

Flaw makes Twitter vulnerable to serious viral attack

Facebook could be monitored by the UK government

Facebook defends its security and privacy tools

Songbird Bug Accidentally Wipes Users’ iPods, but the Bug Bites the Dust

Pwn2Own 2009 Day 1 – Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox Taken Down by Four Zero-Day Exploits

Safari Cracked in Seconds at Pwn2Own Hacking Competition

Researcher hacks just-launched IE8

First worm directed at home routers – infects devices which has weak username/passwords

The downadup/Conficker worm will do something on April 1st – probably no funny april fools joke

Microsoft and Yahoo talking again

Semantic Search Could Secure Google’s Future

Firewalls often do not filter ipv6 which is a major security hole (link in Swedish – sorry no good link in English)

Romanian police arrest Pentagon hack suspect

Aussie ISP pulls out of firewall trial

Pirate Bay Announces IPREDATOR Global Anonymity Service

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* Other news

This is a bit odd – Credit card skimming malware targeting ATMs

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