CloudLinux OS 9: Introducing the latest 9.3 version, now accessible for non-panel, custom panel, and cPanel users from version onwards

CL_CloudLinux 9_V1 copyThe CloudLinux OS team is pleased to announce the availability of the new 9.3 version, along with cPanel (>= support and significant improvements for our customers. Let’s go through the release in the blog post.

New 9.3 version release

CloudLinux OS 9.3 is built upon the AlmaLinux release, introducing a range of enhancements and features. This update streamlines the delivery of workloads, applications, and services across various environments, minimizing the effort and time required.

Notable additions in this version are the crucial security updates:

      • Keylime 7.3.0.
      • OpenSSH was further migrated from the less secure SHA-1 message digest.
      • The pcsc-lite-ccid USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Device(CCID) and Integrated Circuit Card Device (ICCD) driver was rebased to version 1.5.2.
      • AlmaLinux 9.3 introduces further improvements to support the Extended Master Secret (EMS) extension (RFC 7627) required by the FIPS-140-3 standard for all TLS 1.2 connections.
      • SEtools, the collection of graphical tools, command-line tools, and libraries for SELinux policy analysis, was rebased to version 4.4.2.
      • OpenSCAP was rebased to version 1.3.8.
      • SCAP Security Guide was rebased to version 0.1.69

Furthermore, improvements have been made to application streams, encompassing updates to compilers, runtime languages, databases, and web servers. Please see the full AlmaLinux release notes for more information. Main updates:

      • kernel module kmod-lve-2.1-20
      • updated dynamic programming languages, web and database servers:

Support for cPanel

Following the release of CloudLinux OS 9 for non-panel and the experimental release for cPanel, we are ready to exit from the Experimental release phase, and it is now our CL OS 9 in the “Current” release within the version of cPanel. Please follow the cPanel installation instructions for CloudLinux OS and keep in mind the cPanel release update schedule for version .

How to install CloudLinux 9.3 

You can install CloudLinux OS 9.3 on a new server from the ISO image or convert an existing AlmaLinux 9.3 server to CloudLinux 9.3 Please refer to the documentation for details.

How to upgrade

We’ve started a gradual rollout of the updated cloudlinux-release package that brings necessary repo updates for 9.3. The Stable rollout will take 10 days so those of you who are excited to get started right away, please follow these steps to upgrade CloudLinux 9.2 to 9.3 manually:

1. Update cloudlinux-release package from rollout slot

# dnf –enablerepo=cloudlinux-rollout-4-bypass install cloudlinux-release

2. Do system upgrade

# dnf update

In about 2 weeks, CloudLinux OS 9.3 will be available from general repository  and could be updated just with following command:

# dnf update

CloudLinux 9.2, 9.3  and cPanel integration notes

Starting from, cPanel is fully integrated with CloudLinux 9  ( 9.2, 9.3 and next), so flag –experimental-os=almalinux-9.2 is not needed anymore

Note! If you have a server with already installed cPanel + CloudLinux via  experimental flag  –experimental-os=almalinux-9.2 , as we described  here, it is highly recommended to reinstall the server from scratch to avoid unexpected behavior.

Note! Until the version cPanel is not in the Stable Release, use the next instructions to install cPanel on CloudLinux 9 latest versions. 

1. Update the /etc/cpupdate.conf as described here, and set:  CPANEL=current2. Start cPanel installation process 

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest