The Mint Newsletter – issue 72

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” XFCE CE RC1 released!

Mint tools updates for Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS

* News about Linux

The Linux Foundation’s  “I’m Linux” Video Contest

A new version of Ubuntu Brainstorm

UbuntuDeveloperWeek beginning January 19

Watching the Obama Official Inauguration on Linux with Moonlight. A Firefox plugin was made ready on January 20

Pidgin had problems with MSN but that is fixed now

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about IT

Steve Jobs takes time out

Apple smashing Macs to pieces

Newly discovered bug in javascript allows “smart” phishing, but you would have to visit other pages when you are logged in to your bank. Never, ever use another web service (browser, mail, torrent – what have you) when you are logged in to your bank!

Two security vendors have said they would block police attempts to hack into systems without a warrant.

Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies, a report

Google’s Gdrive arriving in 2009

China includes MSN in list of porn sites in a crackdown on porn, but in reality free speech

The web is shrinking according to Netcraft

Some news about ReactOS (an attempt to create an Open source Windows equivalent)

DARPA awards $30m to create security test bed

The BadVista campaign is closing

T.J. Maxx Hacker Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

Paris Hilton’s site infected with malware (well, well)

CWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

What a Windows 7 BSOD Looks Like 🙂

IFPI publishes Digital Music Report 2009 and claims 95% of downloaded music is illegal

* Hardware news

Intel sees more hard times in 2009

Intel cuts prices on some chips up to 48 percent

Researchers hack into Intel’s vPro

Intel to Roll Out Processors with Graphics Cores This Year

Laser-Hard Drives in the Making, may be thousands of times faster than present disks

Seagate hard drives manufactured in December 2008 may become inaccessible when the system is powered on.

* Other news

Court Affirms Wiretapping Without Warrants

PC Market Growth Evaporates in Fourth Quarter as Financial Crisis Hits Home, According to IDC

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