Getting ready for the release…

As you probably know the release of Linux Mint 6 is coming very soon. In fact the ISO itself is ready and some of you may have already found it in one of our mirrors. Be patient and bear with me for a few extra days. Although the ISO is ready, a few other things remain to be done before we can officially release Mint 6 Felicia.

I’m currently working on the Universal Edition (which replaces the “Light Edition”, comes with a text-based grub for improved compatibility, removes codecs from the Main Edition and adds language packs on a live DVD media). The reason it’s taking time is because I still don’t have broadband… and the size of some of the language packs makes it difficult for me to perform this ridiculously simple task 🙂

I just finished editing the Linux Mint 6 User Guide. If you want to help please read it and report any typos/mistake you may find in it:

The Software Portal is ready but one thing is missing: Your ratings and reviews. The new Software Manager (mintInstall 5) is a great tool but it relies on YOU to know which apps are popular and which apps are not. So PLEASE log in the Software Portal and start rating and reviewing the applications for Mint 6:

To be realistic we’ll probably be fully ready and announcing the officialy release of Linux Mint 6 early next week. That leaves you a few days to review the user guide and the rate applications in the software portal.

Sorry again for the delay. Thanks for being patient and thanks to all of you who contribute and help Linux Mint get better all the time.