The Mint Newsletter – issue 64

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 5 x64 Edition released!

mintMenu 4.1 was released (and 4.1.1 a small fix for hyphens in the search field) A nice improvement. Clicking on “Software Manager” now brings up the new mintInstall.

All the very latest versions of Mint applications are in the Romeo repository. You can either enable it or go to it directly and select the package.

The Community Podcast project is launched. We really want this to be good.

Linux Mint 3.x reaches end-of-life This means no more updates

* News about Linux

KDE Community Improves Desktop with KDE 4.1.2 Codenamed “Codename

A “beta” release of version 4 of the Linux Standards Base (LSB 4).

Linux Vendors Increase Security Features

Building a Portable Application for Linux

Dell Launches Consumer Advertising for Ubuntu Linux PCs

Intel CEO: Linux to dominate MIDs

First dual-monitor LTSP 5 set-up?

OpenSuse was hit by a prolonged power outage

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about IT

Researchers: Navigating the Web Boots Up Your Brain

The European Commission has launched proposals for EU-wide rights to make it easier for consumers to shop on the Internet

Measuring the true success of

Silverlight 2 Now Available – perhaps we’ll se some Moonlight soon

Microsoft accused of fraud due to Fast Search & Transfer

A supercomputer heats apartment blocks – is connected to the ‘district heating’ system (link in Swedish only – this happens in Stockholm)

EU regulations block Italian ISPs from blocking Pirate Bay

Report: U.S. spied on Americans’ intimate conversations abroad

Panel Says Data Mining for Terrorists is an Exercise in Futility

World Bank Denies Fox News Reports of Multiple Breaches

SSL covers security embarrassments with EV figleaf

Internet security suites fail to block exploits. Tests expose ‘chocolate teapot’ shortcomings

Russian Firm Uses NVIDIA GPUs To Crack WPA, WPA2

Artificial intelligence to join phishing fight in 2009

New Google bugs empower phishermen

Secret website for net fraudsters shut down after worldwide raids

Fraud Ring Funnels Data From Cards to Pakistan

F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen calls for the establishment of “Internetpol” to bring online criminals to justice

A survey – a poll of 1,500 British consumers – found that online piracy fell by 10% this year

A serious flaw in the Windows kernel (XP and Vista) discovered

* Hardware news

ASUS to introduce silent and extreme cooling of graphics cards

LG intros integrated, adjustable privacy screen for laptops

Updated: HP confirms Nvidia flaw hits desktops

HP’s inkjet tech to be used for in-home dialysis treatment

A printer that can print things, objects – is a “replicator” next?

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