The Mint Newsletter – issue 69

* News about Mint

Felicia final has been released

Work is progressing on both the KDE and XFCE editions.

* News about Linux

Linus Torvalds figured out what the suspend/resume problem was

IBM pushes “Microsoft alternative” desktop based on Ubuntu.

IBM Lotus Domino 8 and Open Collaboration Client Solution powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux

IBM software for Linux

Linux Defenders to defend Linux from malicious patents

Fedora 10 Comes Out With Five More Spins

Steam Client For Linux Confirmed

Sam Leffler releases MadWifi as open source After this it is probably only Broadcom that has no open source drivers

Songbird has released version 1.0. Merlwiz79 has packaged it for Mint.

OpenSolaris 2008.11 has been released (Not quite Linux but close)

The game Yo Frankie! is now part of Blender Projects and thus available on Linux

VMware Acquires Tungsten Graphics, the developers of Mesa and other graphics innovations

* News about IT

Windows market share drops below 90%, lowest in 15 years

Support for Firefox 2 will end mid December. (Link only in Swedish – did not find it on the Mozilla site)

OpenXML/ODF translator Add-ins for Office

Apple Tells Court It Believes Someone Is Behind Psystar – an Apple clone manufacurer

Fight against cyber crime: cyber patrols and Internet investigation teams to reinforce the EU strategy.

Microsoft, RSA Partner To Integrate DLP, Identity Management

New trojan in mass DNS hijack, more here

Distributed SSH Brute Force Attacks confounds defenders

New Windows worm builds massive botnet

1.91% of all PCs are fully patched! PCs means Windows PCs, if this is correct Windows users live dangerously.

Secunia on Internet Explorer Data Binding Zero-Day major vulnerability

Computer systems at three London hospitals are almost back to normal two weeks after a computer virus forced staff to shut down its network.

Mac OS X: Vulnerable to new Trojans

Many bugfixes in Sun JRE 6.11 As so often it’s not clear if this is for all operating systems

The cybercrime-friendly domain registrar EstDomains was terminated by ICANN – the major reason why spam decreased recently.

Spam levels seem to be on the rise again. An interesting analysis here

21 million account numbers stolen, about 80% of all German bank customers at risk. The link is in German, did not find a suitable English language link

Online payment site hijacked by crime gang

Hackers help destroy the Amazon rainforest according to Greepeace

Sorry for all the gloomy IT news – but that’s how it is 🙁

* Hardware news

Studies find laser printers emit lung-damaging particles on the order of cigarette smoking

* Trivia and other links

A Japanese research team has successfully processed and displayed images directly from the human brain – and no, this is not a joke

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