Weekly Newsletter – Issue 52

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

* News about Mint

There is one important point to add about the security flaw in mintAssistant

Create a root password!

Else you will not be able to use “Recovery mode”

mintAssistant recommends you not to do so, but then you get a random root password, which you will never know

Clem posted comments on reviews of Elyssa in the Blog

Apart from that not much has happened that is publicly known

Behind the scenes we are working hard on the KDE and Fluxbox versions and betas are tested with good result

Unless something happens I think we can see public betas soon

* News about Linux

There has been a large number of  releases lately

Parsix, Pardus and Archlinux have all been released last week

Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition released

A new game for Linux – Zero Ballistics Beta for Linux available

Wine 1.1 released

* News about IT

Bill Gates retires from Microsoft

Microsoft prolongs support for XP to 2014

Microsoft is pushing freeware to help combat SQL injection attacks. SQL injection is widely abused to infect websites so they do things the attacker wants

How severe this can be can be seen in this article

Ericsson to sell it’s share in Symbian to Nokia for £209m

Spam DDoS assault cuts off south Pacific state

Swedish members of parliament that voted for the controversial bugging law mentioned in last weeks newsletter are flooded with protest emails

Critical security alert issued for Tor

* Hardware news

ATI and nvidia – the latest graphics card compete

Equipment to tell the position of a RFID tag intended for advertising

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