Key Tips to Creating Instagram Reels That Will Wow Your Audience

Do not reinvent the wheel Keep a keen eye on the kind of videos that are shooting influencers and viral folks to fame. Duplicate their efforts by adding your own spin to it and changing

What to Know About Video Production in a Post-Covid World?

The reliance on footage Unfortunately for the video production industry, the biggest resource in use to being video production in the first place is live footage. There was, of course, no live footage available because

Here is the Web Development Trends You Should Know in 2021

The Rise of No-code and Low-code development The direction of the web development industry is steering firmly towards the lane of autonomous development. Independence is seen as the key motivator to bring more individuals and

Visual Studio Code April 2021

Downloads: Windows: User System ARM | Mac: Universal 64 bit Arm64 | Linux: snap deb rpm tarball ARM Welcome to the April 2021 release of Visual Studio Code. The VS Code team has been busy


LFCS – Managing Software – Ubuntu

With any Linux system, managing the system software is a major part of keeping the system working properly, Ubuntu is no exception. In my previous article, I covered this information for CentOS, this article will

Digital Marketing Trends That Are Likely To Be Big in 2021

Trend #1: Inclusivity is the name of the game The Black Lives Matter movement brought to the fore the importance of inclusivity in everyday life. While some companies were mindful of inclusivity in their digital

Monthly News – April 2021

We’ve got a lot of news for you this month. Before we get into it, let me thank all those who send us their help and contribute to make our project grow. Many thanks to


Portable Raspberry Pi 400

The Raspberry Pi Foundation ( has released a new Pi, the Raspberry Pi 400. The 400 is encased inside a keyboard. The Raspberry Pi 400 reminds me of my first computer, a Texas Instruments 99/4a.

What Is First-Party Data & How To Use It For Pay Per Click Advertising?

Difference between first-party, second-party, and third-party data While first-party data is what you directly collect from your visitors, second-party data refers to the customer data that is collected by a second party. This second party

Top Ways Chatbots Can Personalize User Experience

They’ll find chatbots to be very helpful and won’t think twice when visiting your site again. They’ll perceive your brand to be very proactive and robust. Chatbots are friendly, willing to answer an endless list

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