Getting ready for 7 to 8 migration with CloudLinux Elevate: Release Candidate #2. Join our test group to speed up Stable release!

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Following Release Candidate #1, we are pleased to report significant progress in the number of helpful clients who have been assisting us in transitioning to the stable version with their feedback. We are now ready to announce Release Candidate #2.

CloudLinux Elevate, the project designed to support migrations between major versions of RHEL derivatives, has reached an exciting milestone with the release of its first candidate version. With various improvements and enhancements in cPanel integration, the Elevate project is rapidly progressing towards its stable release. You learn more about CloudLinux Elevate on our website here and follow our updates in a blog.


Here is what has been improved in the current release:

  • Corrected the generation of temporary repository config files created by Leapp.
  • Fixed the upgrade blocking when the RHN up2date versionOverride was set to an acceptable value.
  • Replace unsupported up2date versionOverride values and warn instead of blocking the upgrade process.
  • Expanded the workaround for the alt-ruby-rubygem-rack package to include all affected packages.
  • Included the brotli package in the package mapping file for migration.
  • Added the new Imunify360 repositories to the CloudLinux Elevate vetted list.

To recall what was edited in Release Candidate #1, please review our previous blog post.

How to Migrate:

Migrating your CloudLinux 7.X system to CloudLinux 8.X using Elevate is a straightforward process. For detailed instructions, refer to the official CloudLinux documentation guide. Additionally, you can follow the step-by-step video guide.

Release Candidate Schedule:

As we prepare for the stable release of CloudLinux Elevate, we are thrilled to accelerate our progress. And guess what? We are not doing it alone – we are counting on you, our fantastic customers, to be a part of this acceleration process.

Your feedback and contributions are like jet fuel for our progress. Seriously, you play a crucial role in making this release happen sooner rather than later. So, stay in the loop and keep an eye on our project’s timeline. Together, we will rock this upcoming release!

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