Make Your Managed VPS Offering Stand Out with AccelerateWP: Premium WordPress Performance Comparable to High-End Managed WordPress Hosting

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For VPS providers looking to enhance their WordPress offering, our latest performance features are now ready for integration. Depending on your infrastructure and client base, these functionalities can be made available to individual VPS users or implemented on all your VPS servers with CloudLinux OS Solo or Admin licenses. With the addition of AccelerateWP premium services, you can provide top-tier optimization value to your VPS customers.

AccelerateWP premium services

Why do your VPS customers need AccelerateWP? 

The fact that WordPress is consistently gaining popularity every year is something hosting providers are closely considering when planning their revenue expansion strategies for the upcoming years. The recent significant shift in the world of WordPress hosting, which places a strong emphasis on fully managed solutions with extensive automation to simplify tasks, demonstrates that even highly technical teams prefer to avoid handling non-business-related responsibilities such as performance optimization. Hosting customers wish to channel their efforts towards enhancing their business and utilizing technical resources to boost their revenue. They are increasingly embracing automation for streamlining their infrastructure. This is precisely the ideal moment for hosting providers to introduce offerings that cater to these needs and position themselves as premium WordPress hosting providers now, rather than waiting until tomorrow.

However, some hosting providers still hold the view that their competitive pricing is their unique selling point. They believe that website owners might be hesitant to pay extra for automation and additional services, and might prefer third-party solutions for optimization. But this perspective can coexist with the rising popularity of premium managed WordPress hosting. These modern services provide an incredible growth opportunity for hosting providers to offer top-notch optimization and automation in their packages, all at prices that are quite inviting.

When your potential customers are looking for a managed WordPress provider, a quick search reveals some key factors they will likely consider. These factors come up consistently across different sources, and they’re important for a smooth experience. Here’s a simplified and friendlier version:

  • Optimal Performance: You want your website to run smoothly and load quickly.
  • Easy Scalability: The ability to grow your website as your needs evolve.
  • Uptime: Ensures your website is available to visitors almost all the time.
  • Caching: Helps in speeding up your site by storing frequently accessed data.
  • Up-to-Date Server Technologies: Using the latest tech for better security and performance.
  • One-Click Backups: Makes it easy to safeguard your website’s data.
  • Free Migrations: Assistance in moving your site from one host to another.
  • Customer Support: Reliable help when you encounter issues or have questions.

Interestingly, pricing is not the top concern anymore. Today’s customers prioritize reliability and the confidence that their website will always be accessible to their users.

Here at CloudLinux, we understand the changing market trends, and we’re dedicated to investing in our AccelerateWP feature. Alongside our usual OS options, we provide more and more vital tools that hosting providers need to succeed.

How to compete with Premium Managed WP players.

  • Pricing and Functionality

Considering that most Premium Managed WP Providers charge per website, it would be a significant cost for businesses with multiple websites. However, VPS customers have come to expect pricing per user or per server, and with CloudLinux OS Solo/Admin, you can save on all server-related costs, supporting an unlimited number of websites.

All current and future AccelerateWP Premium features (including Redis Object Cache, Image Optimization, and Critical CSS generation) are available to VPS hosting providers at only $1.20 per active account, supporting unlimited websites.

In contrast, a single Kinsta Object Cache addon will cost end users $100 per website per month, or WPengine will provide a caching addon in a plan starting at $16 per website, which comes with very limited resources. That leaves a lot of room for margin while staying very competitive!

The combination of Solo/Admin and AccelerateWP gives you the ability to customize the most competitive plan for your WordPress customers.

When it comes to CDNs, prices also vary significantly from AccelerateWP’s offerings. AWP CDN is free for the first GB and costs VPS providers $3.74 for 50 GB and $7 for 100 GB thereafter, while Kinsta’s CDN is included in a paid plan starting at $35 for 100 GB. Again, lots of room for margin.

To learn more about AccelerateWP and CDN pricing and functionality, please visit the following links:

  • Flexibility 

Of course, we can’t negotiate how important it is for businesses to have a flexible environment to deploy any database or application they need on their server, which is absolutely possible and unlimited with VPS + Solo/Admin offerings. However, for Kinsta and WP Engine users, it will require ordering an additional server to serve their infrastructure needs.

Another important feature to consider is PHP, Python, and other vital website software versions. With CL OS Solo and Admin, you have PHP and Python selectors to host any website with a variety of server versions, as well as Hardened PHP to secure outdated PHP versions. Premium WP provider customers will need to migrate their websites to fit into specific frameworks. Furthermore, they will have to migrate sooner or later when their PHP version becomes outdated. Kinsta will simply send them a letter about the need for migration.

Getting Started with CloudLinux OS for Your VPS and Enabling Essential Features

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