Webinar: “One year since release: New capabilities and How your end-users can benefit from AccelerateWP”

AccelerateWP Live Webinar

Join us for the AccelerateWP Live Webinar on October 3, 2023, at 11 am EST, where we’ll celebrate one year of achievements and explore the incredible capabilities of AccelerateWP, along with the benefits it can bring to your end-users.

Our distinguished speakers include Dennis Kittrell, VP of Hosting Products, who will unveil the remarkable features released in the past year and demonstrate how AccelerateWP can elevate websites on your servers. Additionally, Kateryna Obiidykhata, our Product Marketing Manager, will shed light on the invaluable resources and support AccelerateWP offers.


Here’s a sneak peek at our agenda:

  1. Website Caching: Discover our caching solution and Redis object cache benefits. 
  2. Website Optimization: Explore the default free options for website optimization and the impressive results we’ve achieved so far. Dive into Premium Critical CSS generation and optimization.
  3. Content Optimization: Learn about our image optimization solutions, and explore the CDN service available to users.
  4. Technical and Sales Enablement: Gain insights into enabling Premium features without billing concerns. 
  5. Billing Integration: Explore the various billing integration options and discover how to kickstart your AccelerateWP offering for end-users.

Our webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A session, providing you with the opportunity to get your questions answered by our experts. Don’t miss out on this informative session. Mark your calendars and register today for AccelerateWP Live Webinar on October 3rd!

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