AccelerateWP releases highly requested premium features for your WordPress Hosting

Critical CSS generation & Image optimization

Game-changing Release: Critical CSS Generation & Image Optimization. New Services Deliver 75% More Advice and Automated Optimization for Website Owners and Upselling opportunities for Hosting Providers!

We are proud to be recognized for our rock-solid stability provider for hosters and we’re happy to move forward knowing what tools can best help our clients stay competitive (and make more profit) in a fast-paced market. Today, we are excited to deliver the highest value release of functionality since the original launch of AccelerateWP that brings substantial performance value to WordPress hosting.

Enhance Your Hosting Plan to a Premium WordPress Level with Just One Click Using Critical CSS Generation and Image Optimization!

Critical CSS generation and Image optimization are both significant benefits for WordPress hosting. These optimization techniques are known to dramatically improve website performance and provide a better user experience, allowing website owners to increase  ranking on search engines, engagement, conversions and ad revenue. With just one click, website owners can take advantage of these premium features and enhance their website’s performance and user experience. By utilizing Critical CSS Generation, website owners can prioritize the most essential CSS code and serve it first, resulting in faster loading times for the visible area of the website. Additionally, Image Optimization involves optimizing existing images on a website by converting them to more efficient file formats and reducing their file size.

What benefits both you and your customers can expect from the latest AccelerateWP Premium update.

For hosting providers:

  • Cost-effective. We offer widely-demanded optimization solutions and empower you to offer at substantially less than average market price to your customers.  
  • Costs reduce. Both CCSS files and optimized images are generated externally. Meaning no local resources are utilized to create long-term performance value for your hosting customers.
  • Pay-as-you-go. Pay only after your customer enables and continues using the premium features for more than a month. (Both features are included in AccelerateWP Premium package pricing, no extra costs.) 
  • More upsell opportunities. AccelerateWP will generate 75% more premium advice. 
  • Only if needed, no spam. SmartAdvice knows exactly which websites will benefit from Critical CSS generation and Image optimization and only delivers advice to those who need it. 
  • Beat competitors. Provide outstanding value in your WordPress hosting offering and attract more new customers. 
  • Effortless Assistance. Delight existing customers by providing easy, automated speed improvements to their slow website.
  • Everything is automated. AccelerateWP analyzes and accurately detects performance issues on a website – and offers a one-click solution to your customer that is certain to have a positive impact.

For website owners: 

  • By prioritizing the loading of the most essential CSS code, Critical CSS file generation results in faster load times for the visible area of the website, which leads to higher engagement, and lower bounce rate. 
  • By optimizing images, website owners reduce their file size and improve website load times, resulting in a better user experience for visitors.
  • Website owners get notified when any performance issue is discovered. 
  • No technical skills required, the entire process is fully automated. 
  • Optional 30-day trial period. Since you will not be charged for the first 30 days of consumption, you have the option to extend a 30 day trial to your customers.
  • Price for the full AccelerateWP Premium package is less that most CSS generation or Image optimization services on the market.

Billing Automation and Provisioning

We provide a WHMCS add-on module that enables you to automatically upsell advanced WordPress optimization – all inside of cPanel and Plesk.

The billing automation toolset also includes automated provisioning via command line interface so that hosting providers not using WHMCS can build a custom billing integration. That means you can configure billing in a way that perfectly suits your hosting business. Whenever a specific add-on or supporting hosting plan is purchased by your customer, AccelerateWP Premium will automatically become available.


Hosting providers will not see any changes in AccelerateWP Premium pricing. The entire package, regardless of how many premium features the end-user utilizes, will cost $1.20 per user after the 30-day free trial period. We recommend a retail price of $3 per user, which is a fair value considering the cost of Premium feature sets VS the price for competing commercial products on the WordPress plugin market.

It’s important not to compare costs with solutions that offer server-based pricing by dividing the cost by users on a server. We’re not selling this tool to hosting providers; we’re offering this tool to upsell to your clients who we know will benefit from it. Website owners prefer to purchase an automated solution that speeds up their website from their trusted hosting provider, rather than dealing with website issues and researching third-party solutions on their own.

Enable AccelerateWP Premium now to stay competitive! 

  1. Mind system limitations: 
    • cPanel/Plesk.
    • Apache Web Server. 
    • LiteSpeed support is coming very soon, upvote it here and we will notify you in a couple weeks about release.

  2. If you are not offering AccelerateWP Premium yet, and you plan to charge your customers for use (highly recommended) you will need to configure your  Billing integration first.This includes setting up the plans or add-ons. Don’t worry! We’ve made this as simple as possible for you! Get started with Billing integration.
  3. Read system requirements in technical documentation for Critical CSS generation and for Image optimization.
  4. Both new premium features are already in the Beta channel and are rolling out to the Stable repository over the next two weeks.
  5. Note that Stable rollout will take about 2 weeks so those of you who are excited to get started, you can enable it manually with following command:
    yum install accelerate-wp alt-php-xray --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Still unsure if you need this?

AccelerateWP Premium delivers even more essential advice, creating a lot more new opportunities for upselling optimization solutions and providing real, date-driven value. This creates a win-win situation for both you and your customers, empowering hosting providers to offer premium optimization services and grow their business while providing website owners with the tools they need to succeed.

Upvote upcoming AccelerateWP features to prioritize them for us and be notified about release.

  1. LiteSpeed integration 
  2. DirectAdmin support
  3. Support for resellers
  4. In-product performance metrics