Creating Business Continuity with VMware Cloud Providers

Heightened awareness around employee health and new work restrictions have greatly reduced the classic physical office interactions. As a result, we recognize the need for our end customers to ensure business continuity and to provide their employees with the flexibility, safety, and comfort to work from home. This evolving situation is putting a lot of pressure on IT departments to help their employees. We need to help them balance new impacts on their daily routines and perform their jobs from remote locations.

A number of VMware Cloud Providers have specific expertise and services around supporting a remote workforce. They can help customers manage today’s environment and help keep employees productive and connected. Numerous VMware Cloud Providers are well positioned to help deliver managed or cloud-based services and solutions to relieve some of the pressures many IT organizations are facing today.

Services Available to Help Enable a Remote Workforce

Within VMware’s product ecosystem, VMware Cloud Providers offer several key solutions that can unlock and increase remote work productivity. Here are a few of the key solutions available that may help address your needs today:

Desktop Delivery with VMware Horizon

Powered by Horizon 7, Horizon DaaS, and Horizon Cloud, numerous providers deliver different options for supporting a hosted or managed desktop service. Horizon 7 provides an option for dedicated virtual desktop infrastructure which is hosted by a partner. Horizon DaaS allows qualified partners to provide virtual desktop and application services to customers securely with multi-tenancy on shared or dedicated infrastructure. VMware Horizon Cloud is completely partner managed and delivered as a service. Horizon Cloud is available on IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Key benefits from partners delivering a Horizon 7 solution include:

  • Efficiency – Drive down operation and resource costs through effective resource allocation and management
  • Simplicity – Manage all deployments through a single platform
  • Security – Provide customers with peace of mind with simplified authentication, role-based policies, automated intelligence, and threat detection

Key benefits from partners delivering a Horizon DaaS solution include:

  • Agility – Deliver a turnkey virtual desktop solution with rapid onboarding, scalability, self-service and self-management.
  • Experience – Enjoy the look and feel users want just like their own physical desktop or laptop
  • Security – Provide security with tiered role separation, secure communications, secure access and minimal node functionality

Key benefits from partners delivering a Horizon Cloud solution include:

  • Flexibility – Scale up and down the number of desktops needed which can reduce costs
  • Performance – Rapidly create and deploy desktops to their end users
  • Security – Provide an Enterprise-Grade service with multi-factor authentication, network connectivity management, conditional access, and more.

Modern Digital Workspace

As many of us deal with a growing workforce that is working remotely, our IT teams are faced with helping to maximize employee engagement and productivity by empowering them with a personalized experience and quick access to essential business applications across any device. Many VMware cloud provider are available to help customers understand their needs for a modern digital workspace and offer solutions built on products such as VMware Workspace ONE.

Key benefits of Workspace ONE include:

  • Access – Provide their end users with access to all the applications needed for business success using any smartphone, tablet, or laptop/PC whenever needed.
  • Management – Enjoy a consolidated enterprise platform to view, manage, and deliver all applications to their end users. Management is policy-driven and provides customers with the flexibility to deliver the right level of management based on the user and device type.
  • Security – Leverage a simple, elegant, and intrinsically secure end user experience with password-free single sign-on. Workspace One also delivers zero trust security with intelligent continuous user and device verification.

With Horizon and Workspace ONE, customers requiring short turnaround times can work with a wide variety of premier VMware Cloud Provider partners that have the skills and expertise necessary to rapidly deploy these solutions.

Find a Cloud Provider to Help Address your IT Challenges

Use the to find a complete list of partners that offer DaaS services (and more) in your area. For added peace of mind, you can also use a VMware Cloud Verified Provider. Providers with the VMware Cloud Verified logo provides assurance that the VMware Cloud Provider’s services are compatible with the VMware Cloud Infrastructure.

Learn More to Help Navigate Today’s Unique Challenges

 Our partners are just one great resource for customers looking to learn how to build, grow, and support a remote workforce. Reach out to your VMware sales representative or directly to a VMware Cloud Provider to get help today.

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