What’s New in the Early February 2021 Release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

With every release, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC refines itself as an enterprise-optimized infrastructure as-a-Service solution that scales up in density and capacity, providing enterprises with a fully managed, on-premises solution built to handle advanced workloads and virtual desktop environments that are top of mind today. The inclusiveness of the service eliminates any CapEx investment or separate licensing of VMware SDDC software components. It includes comprehensive, proactive support of the provided hardware infrastructure and software, eliminating the cost of professional services most IT organizations purchase to ensure uptime for their end users.

Our February 2nd release, announced today, continues to build on the robustness of this innovative service offering in several ways including:

Increased Instance Density

As VMware Cloud on Dell EMC continues to improve aggregate compute, RAM and Storage capacity for each square foot of data center floor space, our February 2nd release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC further increases instance scalability through the number of instances which can that be enabled in each rack. Our latest release increased the instance density of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC racks to enable up to 26 physical instances. Moving forward, we will continue to drive the instance density per rack higher with upcoming release as we work towards overall optimal workload density across the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC solution.

Broader Instance Portfolio

As Enterprise workloads have evolved and become more sophisticated, they also have become particular about their individual hosting resource needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to hosting instances for these modern workloads. Mapping instances with the best combination of compute, storage, and memory to these workloads helps to ensure optimal workload performance, while keeping costs under control.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC strives to provide customers with a portfolio of difference instance options to align with their specific workload needs. This said, we are introducing an new instance today with this release. Our new M1d.xLarge instance is a dual socket powerhouse supporting 112 virtual CPUs,  61 Terabytes of storage and 768 Gigabytes of RAM. M1d.xLarge is a good match for high density, storage hungry workloads such as Virtual Desktop deployments, Databased, and video analytics.

Cloud Storage Option Through Faction Partnership  

While the majority of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Instances offer a significant amount of capacity storage, certain workloads require a disproportionate amount of capacity storage to accomplish the task they are designed to do. In cases such as this, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC has partnered with cloud storage vendor Faction. Faction offer’s VMware on Dell EMC customers VMware validated, expansive storage services to cater to their workload’s high storage usage needs. Please see the following link for more details on the Faction partnership.

More Flexible Billing Options

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC has cemented its status in the market as the only fully managed infrastructure as-a-Service that delivers physical infrastructure on-premises and includes VMware’s SDDC software in the subscription billing. With this release, we are offering expanded options for how customers  can pay for this service. Customers now have the choice whether to pay for the service upfront through a VMware SPP Credits purchase, or pay for the service monthly using a credit card or invoice.

The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team is very interested in any questions you might have. Please email questions to vmcondellemc@vmware.com  . You can also find the latest news on our service on Twitter at @VMWonDellEMC as well as go to our product webpage .