Broaden your Cloud portfolio: AWS service comparison poster

Are your customers looking for more advanced cloud services? Cloud providers need to find ways to expand their portfolio beyond VMs. DRaaS, Kubernetes, DBaaS, PaaS and others are in increased demand. We have put together a list of services from the public cloud market leader; Amazon Web Services, to show our cloud providers how to build similar offerings. Based on the VMware Cloud Provider platform, these products and services let you address new use-cases and customer demands.

VMware Cloud on AWS is the preferred service for AWS for all vSphere-based workloads. It is available to our cloud provider partners via a dedicated managed service program. The MSP program allows partners to leverage the global scale of AWS to easily provide VMware SDDC services to their customers without heavy investments in their own infrastructure. Likewise, AWS is VMware’s preferred public cloud partner for all vSphere-based workloads. We have jointly engineered and maintain VMware Cloud an AWS through a deep and long-term partnership.

However, cloud provider partners have additional requirements from their customers. They have become a trusted advisor that provides value-add solutions and needs to offer services beyond IaaS and SDDC. Further, regional partners establish deep relationships and customer intimacy, provide tailored support, billing and contract management that are specific to their respective region.

The graphic shows how partners can achieve both; regional customer focus and innovation through a list of services containing 12 areas. Examples are Data Protection, Recovery and Migration, Databases, End User Computing and advanced services like Analytics, Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning. It also covers the essential services like Compute, IaaS, VMs, Storage and Data Management, Networking and Connectivity. For developers, services include Containers and Serverless Computing, Applications, Web, Mobile and Integration, as well as DevOps.

The poster goes into more detail on each service. For example, partners wanting ready-to-use stacks can leverage Cloud Director App Launchpad to deploy Bitnami application packages. By adding managed services to these self-service deployment, they can build a business around Database as a Service, DR as a Service, Backup as a Service, and more. Or they can use the VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension and VMware vSAN to build a portfolio of Storage Services.

Download the full poster to learn more: VMware Cloud Provider Partner Portfolio Comparison: AWS-Edition

Stay tuned for upcoming versions with Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, as well as regular updates.