VMworld Rewind #2: Next-Gen Networking for Cloud Providers

Welcome to the VMworld Rewind blog series for cloud partners. We’re here to make sure you didn’t miss any of the key highlights from VMworld 2020 and are fully aware of the latest innovations from VMware. In part 2 of this series, we cover major announcements for next-gen networking with VMware NSX-T, VMware Cloud Director, and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. We will also provide you with sessions, demos, and other resources to learn more.

Important Product Updates: VCD, NSX-T, and NSX Advanced Load Balancer

VMware continues to sharpen its focus on networking to meet the challenges of modern, multi-cloud environments, as demonstrated by three important product updates. First, VMware Cloud Director (VCD) 10.2 became generally available October 15, with several updates to help partners expand their cloud, managed network services, security, tiered storage, and modern application services offerings. VCD 10.2 delivers greater support and integration with NSX-T.

NSX-T now offers advanced functional parity through features like L4-7 distributed firewalling, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, UI enhancements to provide cross VDC networking stretching networks across multiple VDCs, Shared networking across VDC, CVDS (vSphere 7.0 / NSX-T 3.0), and API-only features like Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 on the same network, SLAAC and DCHPv6, VRF-lite, and L2VPN. NSX-T 3.0.2 is that latest maintenance release that provides new features and feature enhancements, including Layer 4 Distributed Firewall for Oracle Enterprise Linux Physical Server, Federation enhancement, and more.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer also saw a new release in version 20.1.2, providing best-in-class load balancing for NSX/VCF, cloud-scale networking enhancements, and enhanced ingress architecture for multi-site, multi-cluster Kubernetes. NSX ALB Basic Edition is included with NSX-T DC SP Base for VCPP

Find additional details on these product updates here:

As well as recorded live demos:

Next-Gen Networking, Firewalls, and Best Practices

New trends in digitization and hybrid-cloud are having a direct impact on how networking and application security are implemented in your environment. Get up to speed on all things Networking with these stand-out VMworld sessions covering Networking, Firewall Services, and NSX-T Best Practices from VMware experts. Learn how NSX intrinsic security features enable you to secure all types of workloads in any cloud environment. Special emphasis on how cloud partners can deliver these features as high-value added services.

  • VMworld Breakout Sessions

VMware Cloud Providers are bringing next-gen networking to life

With VCD 10.2 and NSX ALB Basic Edition, it is easy to migrate to NSX-T and expand the number of high-value add, managed network services that cloud partners can offer. We hope these resources help you become acquainted with the latest enhancements to VCD, NSX-T, and NSX Advanced Load Balancing. We invite you to learn more about NSX Advanced Load Balancer and the enterprise level features, like Web Application Firewall, that are available with NSX ALB Enterprise Edition, by visiting our blog.

Check back soon for the next blog in our VMworld Rewind series. In it, we will cover all that’s new with VMware monitoring, specifically for our cloud partners.