VMware Cloud Director 10.2 GA

It’s here! 10.2 is now GA, the second release of VMware Cloud Director this year ! VMware Cloud Director continues to be a market leader, delivering highly scalable and NSX-T backed secure cloud infrastructure. With isolated multi-tenancy, automation and orchestration core to the solution, cloud providers can deliver more economical services faster than ever. Digital Application delivery and transformation is now simplified indifferent to the predefined infrastructure and security, allowing customers to focus on their business and transformation strategies all in one platform.

Key Themes in VCD 10.2

  • Networking with NSX-T. Networking and Security enhancements in 10.2 mean providers can fully use NSX-T and deliver self-service functionality in Edge firewall and IP services, distributed L4/L7 firewall and Avi load balancer through the tenant portal.
  • OVA Deployment and Storage Management improvements. Installation is made less error prone with a new UI, user input validation, backup and restore documented processes and access to appliance deployment and configuration logs. Storage IIOPS can now be managed in the tenant portal to allow providers better controls and tiers of services. New AWS S3 native support via the Object Storage Extension 2.0, allows tenants to connect through to their S3 Object Storage in AWS and extended 3rd party framework allows new Object Storage providers to support the platform.
  • Dev Ready cloud increased coverage. VMware Cloud Director has made Kubernetes a First Class Entity – ie you can deploy vSphere Tanzu and orchestrate natively from VMware Cloud Director your clusters. In Addition the updated Container Service Extension (CSE) 3.0 provides support Native Kubernetes K8s for Enterprise PKS as well NSX-T. CSE 3.0 brings more user flexibility in autoscaling nodes in a cluster, node sizing controls and proxied environment support.
  • Drive aPaaS Consumption. App Launchpad (ALP) 2.0 provides a great many enhancements, particularly support for container applications with Helm charts, integration and sync from VCD with the new VMware Cloud Marketplace for 3rd party solutions and support for custom applications all with a new public API. Tenants can now also get predictive pricing of their ALP delivered services with the Tenant App 2.5 within. the customizable application deployment wizard.
  • Easier usability. Further usability improvements with new features in provider and tenant portal; “Guided Tours” help new users to find their way through the UI, and providers to highlight offered services and features. New ‘Advisories’ can notify tenants directly in the UI and a new Quick Search simplifies the navigation through a large number of objects.

Learn More about Latest Innovations

There are many more innovations in VMware Cloud Director 10.2, too many to include in this blog, so why not check it our yourself and head over to the product page at www.vmware.com/go/vcd

Also check out our new partner free VMware Cloud Director business enablement training covering a number of key topics; VMware Cloud Director service strategy, GTM model, packaging and pricing strategies and monetization examples