Securing Applications with vSphere: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month LogoOctober is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and to celebrate we are doing weekly live streams on different topics related to the weekly themes of the month. This week the overall theme is “Securing Devices at Home and Work,” and in the vSphere world we are thinking about workloads. Applications and workloads are the reason that our infrastructures exist, and vSphere brings a lot of powerful techniques to improve their confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Join Bob Plankers on Thursday, October 15, at 8:30 PM Pacific as he talks for about 20 minutes about the five biggest ways to protect applications using vSphere features like VM & vSAN Encryption, virtualization-based security, clones and snapshots, vSphere Trust Authority, and more. No registration or commitment necessary, just drop in, and if you have questions there will be a live Q&A in the chat immediately afterwards.

To see the whole schedule, watch replays, and get .ics files to import into your calendar visit our Cybersecurity Awareness Month page on

In the meantime you can watch last week’s video on hardening vSphere security! A big thanks to those folks that joined me for the talk, it was fun!



It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month and we’re celebrating it by streaming live every Thursday in October! Join us for a 20 minute presentation and then live Q&A afterwards. Topics and calendar reminders can be found on the schedule. No registration required. Please join us! 

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