VMware Design Studio Looking For Security Feedback

VMware Design LogoHey vSphere fans, just a few days to go until VMworld 2020. Over 100,000 people have signed up which is absolutely wonderful. If you’ve ever used a VMware product and thought “I really wish this worked differently” or “I wonder who picks what this stuff looks like” we’ve got an opportunity for you: the VMware Design Studio Program.

VMware has quite a few staff dedicated to User Experience (UX) Design. They’re looking for people like you to give them feedback on product design and functionality. UX Designers are an important part of our work to create features that improve performance, availability, and security without adding friction to your life as a vSphere Admin. Working with the designers in these short sessions is a great experience and a great way to help us make your life better. I have always enjoyed seeing my suggestions and thoughts come through as part of the products I used, especially when I was a vSphere Admin in the trenches of IT.

Be A Part of Change

We are looking for input on vSphere End-to-End security ideas. There are sessions available next week as part of VMworld. If security and compliance are part of your job in any way, and you’d like to make it easier on yourself in the future, please sign up to talk with our designers about it. There are still spots open on 10/1 and 10/2.

This opportunity isn’t just for infosec folks, it’s really aimed at you vSphere Admins that have been co-opted into security & compliance work as part of your day-to-day processes. This is a great opportunity to talk directly with people deep inside the product teams about what that’s like for you.

If you aren’t available next week please consider joining the general VMware Design Studio program! Sign up, indicate the products you’re interested in, and they’ll invite you when a designer is looking for feedback.

Thanks and we’ll see you virtually next week!