New pricing on VMware Cloud Foundation for Cloud Providers

With the recent announcement of VMware Cloud Foundation 4, we are excited to announce a new way for Cloud Providers to consume VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF).


VMware is bringing VMware SDDC Manager to the Flex Pricing Model as a new add-on, which allows cloud providers to consume it on the standard vRAM-based licensing model. VMware Cloud Foundation, which is typically sold as a single bundle of products, is a solution for automatically standing up and maintaining a Software-Defined Data Center. Partners have always had access to vSphere, vSAN and NSX. By bringing SDDC Manager as its own product, partners have all the pieces they need to deploy VCF. Partners are welcome to build their own edition of VMware Cloud Foundation that meets their needs!

Note: vSAN is priced based on GBs of storage used. The other products on the right in the diagram are based on vRAM.

License Availability

Starting today, all VMware Cloud Provider Partners have access to license keys for SDDC Manager 4. These licenses have been automatically added to the entitlement accounts, no action needs to be taken. In addition, partners are now able to download the software bits. For partners that are looking to utilize a VMware Cloud Foundation license key for 3.X, they can request them through the one-off order form on the VMware Commerce Portal.

No Restrictions!

Previously, only partners that met a certain monthly commit and paid for PSO were able to adopt VMware Cloud Foundation. We are removing the restrictions! Every Cloud Provider partner, large or small, will have access to the licenses and bits!

We have also removed the requirement to use Professional Services to deploy. Though please note we do still recommend working with Professional Services to ensure everyone gets started properly. Partners only need to download the software, grab a copy of their licenses, and start deploying. Don’t forget to read through the documentation for best results. For partners who are also interested in the Core Based pricing model, we are also removing the restrictions.

VCF + Tanzu

SDDC Manager does not include Tanzu in the pricing and packaging. Partners looking for Tanzu should keep their eyes and ears open for more information on that soon. Tanzu will be offered as another add-on that is deployed using VCF.

More information on pricing and metering will be made available in the Product Usage Guide. Keep an eye out for the Q2 PUG in Partner Connect!