VMware and Claranet with VMware Cloud Director: Natural Partners

VMware and Claranet: Natural Partners

As VMware Cloud Director (formerly VMware vCloud Director) celebrates its 10th anniversary, we caught up with Scott Hanson, Technical Director at Claranet.

“VMware has been core to Claranet’s journey since I joined the business almost four years ago” begins Scott. “VMware vSphere has always underpinned our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offer. Then we use VMware Cloud Director for multitenancy. I’ll give you an example of how important VMware Cloud Director has been to us. Claranet has grown through acquisition over the last decade, so we’ve needed to consolidate nine UK data centers into three in order to reduce costs. Those three sites all now run on VMware Cloud Director. That means we can federate services between the sites, and let customers choose which one they want to deploy into. Then VMware Cloud Director enables us to offer customers Disaster Recovery and High Availability from one or two of our other locations.”

“VMware Cloud Director plays a big role in Claranet Cloud, which enables customers to access shared and dedicated private cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) or IaaS-based services. VMware Cloud Director and VMware vRealize Orchestration are key for the orchestration and management layers” says Scott. “Our future strategy and product development is based around leveraging and augmenting VMware Cloud Director where possible.”

A more recent VMware innovation offer is the next step on the VMware and Claranet journey. “We see real opportunity with the VMware Cloud Director service, the SaaS equivalent of VMware Cloud Director” Scott believes. “With our federated data centers, the ability to quickly add new locations, or spin up new capacity in just 15 minutes will be great for our customers – and great for our competitive advantage as a Service Provider.”

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