Grow your Cloud provider business with VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud

VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud is now available for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) through VMware Cloud Provider Hub to enable Cloud providers to monetize end-to-end network and security monitoring for your tenants on hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Offer complete visibility across VMware SD-WAN and Data Center

MSPs can offer network, application, and security visibility as a service for VMware SD-WAN infrastructure or for overall Data Center infrastructure. When partners or their customers need visibility end-to-end across their tenants, they can combine both the solutions to offer complete visibility across VMware SD-WAN as well as the Data Center.

The SaaS solution provides a rapid path for Providers to monetize new professional services at scale—like security, network and application evaluations—and new managed services, like quarterly security evaluations or self-service evaluations, reducing the time to market.

Monetize vRealize Network Insight Cloud for Datacenter and VMware SD-WAN

Monetize network monitoring for SD-WAN and Data Center use cases

Providers can leverage vRealize Network Insight Cloud on Cloud Provider Hub for the following use cases.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud for SD-WAN

Monitor networks with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud to improve application performance, reduce WAN costs, and optimize expensive MPLS and internet connections for tenants.

Optimizing WAN network with SD-WAN is beneficial for banks, retailers and other deployments with a lot of branch locations. Providers can leverage the cloud solution to:

Monetize Network, Site, Security and Application analysis

  • Offer periodic network and security analysis
  • Reduce time to resolution and monetize improved SLA offers
  • Grow your business by offering site and application analysis to customers

Reduce OpEx and CapEx costs for SD-WAN

  • Manage network and security across private clouds, public clouds and SD-WAN with ease
  • Quickly identify tenant issues with path visibility and hotspot detection
  • Manage growth through capacity planning and the effect of adds, moves and changes

vRealize Network Insight Cloud for Data Center

Monitor data center networks (hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, NSX, SDDC, VM, Kubernetes) and offer new services to deliver application discovery capabilities that are powered by machine learning and automation.

All customers such as Healthcare, Financial institutions, Public sector and other industries that have data centers require application discovery, application migration and other security monitoring for their infrastructure. Providers can leverage the cloud solution to:

Monetize Network, Security, Site and Application Analysis

Reduce OpEx and CapEx Costs for Data Center

  • Manage and scale NSX deployments for tenants
  • Accelerate network flow analysis for physical, virtual, and third-party infrastructure
  • Speed up application deployment by using machine learning for application discovery and migration

vRealize Network Insight Cloud on Cloud Provider Hub

Grow your managed services portfolio with zero datacenter investment

MSP Program enables partners to deliver a complete portfolio of differentiated managed services and solutions with day 0 setup for faster time to market. Providers own the terms of services and end-to-end support for their customers strengthening their trusted advisor status. They can also leverage industry leading VMware technologies with significant volume discounts and further reduce costs with zero datacenter investment.


Leverage rapid service introduction with Cloud Provider Hub

Cloud Provider Hub helps partners to rapidly introduce new services with a centralized portal to transact, deploy and manage VMware XaaS offerings to their end customers. Partners can seamlessly manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle, including onboarding customers, provisioning and managing services, provide a consolidated view of their usage, and manage support. With continuous service introduction and platform innovation, it enhances customer experience and helps achieve customer growth and retention for Providers.

Cloud Provider Hub

During these challenging times where Providers are looking for a new opportunity to expand their business without a large capital investment, network and security monitoring using vRealize Network Insight Cloud for Datacenter and SD-WAN is a great choice. The SaaS solution also enhances both partner and customer experience by offering remote network and security monitoring when being physically available in the datacenter is a challenge for network and security engineers.

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