Usage Meter 4.2: Return of the API

Usage Meter has been going through quite the transition lately. With Usage Meter 4.X we have moved to a SaaS + Agent architecture, and VMware has been rebuilding Usage Meter from the ground up. One of the notable missing features has been an API in the Usage Meter appliance. Well in UM 4.2, its back!

Some partners have built automation around deploying products and environments, and in that spirit, have also automated connecting them to Usage Meter. This means using an API to configure products, get information about the appliance, etc..

In UM 4.2, there are four major sections of the API:

  • Session
    • This is to login and logout of sessions with the appliance
  • Info
    • Get Version, Minor Version, Build, Patch, Hotfix, and UUIID information about the Usage Meter appliance.
    • You can use this to keep track of which versions you are running of the appliance and make sure that you keep them up to date. Which is easier now since In-Place Upgrades are available.
  • Product
    • Get, Add and Delete products from the Appliance
    • Accept Certificates from newly added products
  • Notifications
    • User Action
      • Retrieves notifications that require user action, like accepting a product certification, or adding the vROps credentials after its discovered.
    • UM Journal
      • This allows you to see error notifications on the UM appliance

Whats still missing?

We don’t have an API for registering the Usage Meter appliance yet, but its coming and is part of other initiatives for VCPP Partners.

Check out the API for Usage Meter 4.2 and older versions at