New VCD 10.1 on VCF 4 Technical paper is available!

There is a lot going on with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and the Cloud Provider program. New vRAM pricing, aligning Cloud Provider roadmap with VCF, and more!

As we mentioned earlier this year, we are working on aligning the Cloud Provider stack with VCF, and moving onward from Cloud Provider Pod. We discussed an update to the VMware Validated Design for Cloud Providers as the next step to help partners bridge VCF and VCD together. We’re almost ready to publish, but wanted to give partners a taste a little early, so we are releasing a technical paper on VCD 10.1 + VCF 4!

Click the image or here to download

Click the image to download a copy and get to know the VCF Architecture models and the VCD architectures as it relates to how you want to operate your multi-tenant cloud offering!

This update to the tech paper, which had a recent VCF 3.9 release, is updated to the following Bill of Materials (BoM):

But wait! There’s More! (Coming)

As I mentioned, the VMware Validated Design for Cloud Providers is going through an update, and this document is a pit stop along the way. But, we have more in the works coming. Like packaging for the Core pricing model, Kubernetes Add-Ons coming soon to VCPP, and a roadmap towards integration of Cloud Provider products with VCF and the SDDC Manager. We are very excited for the future of VCF for Cloud Providers! Stay tuned and keep an eye on this blog!