What’s New in vRealize Operations 8.1 and Tenant App 2.4 for Service Providers

The recent release of VMware vRealize Operations 8.1 also includes new versions of the VMware Cloud Director Management Pack 5.3 and Tenant App 2.4.
With the VMware Cloud Director Management Pack you can use vRealize Operations to monitor VMware Cloud Director environments. It contains a lot of useful dashboards, alerts and symptom definitions, reports and environment views for service provider operators.

vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Cloud Director

New features of the Management Pack:

  • Edge devices of VMware Cloud Director are now connected to Edge devices from the NSX-V management pack enabling enhanced troubleshooting and metering.
  • Independent disks are collected from VMware Cloud Director.
  • Sizing profiles are collected from VMware Cloud Director.
  • Each VM that is provisioned using a sizing profile, has an additional property to indicate the sizing profile used. Reports now support comprehensive metering using the new metrics collected.

Note that Management Pack 5.3 requires vRealize Operations 8.1.

Tenant App - Sizing Policy suppower

Tenant App 2.4

Tenant App allows a service provider to publish vRealize Operations metrics into the tenant UI in Cloud Director. It also provides versatile chargeback capabilities. As service provider, you can defined fine-grained pricing policies, and attach them to an Org VDC. The bills can be made visible to the tenant in the Cloud Director UI, or can be consumed provider internally for further processing.

Tenant App - Bill Schedule

The Tenant App 2.4 includes new capabilities mainly based on feedback from our service provider partners:

  • One-time fixed costs for setup fee and incidental charges
  • 95th percentile billing for network bandwidth
  • Sizing-profile based billing, which aligns with the Flex Allocation model in Cloud Director 10.x.
  • Tag-based rate factors to apply selective discounts or premiums to virtual machines
  • Tag-based pricing policies to create exception charging policies for selected virtual machines
  • Slab-based pricing to charge different rates based on resources consumed by virtual machines and edges

Additionally, it’s now possible to schedule bill generation, and define even more fine-grained which views the tenants will have access to.

The Cloud Director Management Pack and the Tenant App make vRealize Operations a powerful component for service providers. They increase the efficiency of internal provider operations, enable flexible chargeback capabilities, and allow a provider to offer additional monetizable services on-top of VMware Cloud Director.


You can find the downloads for the Management Pack and Tenant App here:
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