Oracle Cloud VMware Solution – A New beginning of a Strategic relationship

“One small step for VMware & Oracle , one giant leap for VMware & Oracle mutual customers”

VMware is thrilled to announce a new strategic alliance with Oracle Corp to support our mutual customers’ hybrid cloud strategies.

The centerpiece of this relationship is a new service that will be offered by Oracle called Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

Full text of the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution announcement and press release can be found here :

This service will enable customers to run VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure. But equally important for the thousands of customers running Oracle software on VMware today in their data centers, Oracle and VMware have entered into a new mutual support agreement for currently supported Oracle products running on VMware environments.

Quote from the mutual support agreement.  “Oracle shall, using reasonable efforts, support Oracle customers with active support contracts running supported versions of Oracle products in Oracle supported computing environments who encounter problems when running those products on VMware virtualized environments.”

Oracle on VMware customers can now run and implement with enhanced confidence that two of their most strategic vendors are fully aligned and are committed to addressing support issues when running Oracle software in VMware environments.

This announcement was made by Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle Corporation at the keynote on Monday September 16th, 2019.

Video snippet of Larry Ellison announcing the VMware Oracle Partnership Announcement at OOW Sept 16th, 2019 can be found here .

Full video of Larry Ellison talk about VMware at the Day 1 Keynotes at Oracle Open World can be found here.

John Gilmartin, GM and SVP , ISBU VMware re-iterated the value of the strategic alliance between VMware and Oracle in the keynote on Tuesday September 17th, 2019.


Full video of John Gilmartin on stage with Oracle execs on Day 2 keynote at Oracle Open World can be found here.

Customer Support for Oracle on VMware

Additionally, customers will have access to Oracle technical support for Oracle products running on VMware environments. When the Oracle support statement is updated, it will enable customers to achieve quicker time to resolution of issues.

Oracle will support customers with active support contracts running supported versions of Oracle products in Oracle supported computing environments.

From Reuters :

Oracle Corp and VMware Inc on Monday announced a deal designed to resolve years of tension over how Oracle handles technical support for VMware users and make it easier for them to move to Oracle’s cloud computing service.  The two companies said that Oracle would offer technical support to customers who run its applications on top of VMware.

Oracle and VMware have clashed in the past over the issue. Oracle said on Monday it would now provide support for those situations.

“Customers don’t want to deploy two products unless it’s supported by both vendors. This was a stumbling block for the past two decades,” said Sanjay Poonen, chief operating officer for customer operations at VMware, said in an interview. “Our relationship with Oracle is significantly better than it was 20 years ago. It’s a new day.”

In addition to the above , VMware & Oracle had 3 booth theater sessions , 2 sessions at the The Exchange Lobby (Moscone South) – Cloud Infrastructure Theater , September 18th ,  10.15 am – 10.35 am and 1.15 am – 1.35 pm to reiterate the same message.

Video recording of the VMware & Oracle Team booth theater presentation at the Dell Booth on Sept 18, 2019 can be found here .

Video snippet of VMware & Oracle Team answering customer questions at the Dell Booth on Sept 18, 2019 can be found here .

Please go to the VMware and Applications Blog site and specifically to the “Oracle on VMware One-Stop-Shop” blog for an FAQ on the enhanced support agreement and the strategic alliance between Oracle and VMware.

Oracle and VMware Partner to Support Customers’ Hybrid Cloud Strategies – Press Release