Terraform vCloud Director Provider Christmas Release

Last Christmas we started packaging our first release of the revived HashiCorp Terraform vCloud Director Provider (the 2.0). Now a year and six releases later we are releasing our second “holiday season” release – the 2.6.0! Let’s take a quick look at the new capabilities and see how far the provider developed throughout the year.

First, new items for VM and connection handling:

  • The awaited VM vcd_vapp_vm data source with resource import and read ability. Please see the previous blog post if you’re curious about how to use data sources, imports and read functionality in general
  • Ability of connecting provider to vCD with an authorization token

Then, a group of new capabilities extending the Edge Gateway:

  • 2 new resources with data sources and imports vcd_nsxv_dhcp_relay and vcd_nsxv_ip_set
  • default_external_network_ip and external_network_ips fields in vcd_edgegateway for exporting default Edge Gateway IP address and other External Network IPs used on gateway interfaces
  • external_network block for advanced configurations of External Networks in vcd_edgegatewayincluding multiple subnets, IP pool sub-allocation and rate limits
  • fips_mode_enabled and use_default_route_for_dns_relayfields in vcd_edgegateway

And many more improvements which can be found in the changelog. Also, please find the updated documentation in the usual place here.

Meanwhile, it is a good time to reflect back, so let’s compare how far the provider got to from the beginning of the year:

  • 2.0.0 (a year ago)
    • Resources: 15
    • Data sources: 0
  • 2.6.0 (now)
    • Resources: 31 (plus read and import support)
    • Data sources: 23
    • And a raft of improvements inside the resources and in the core itself

As you can see, we are committed to making Terraform vCD Provider more capable with each new version so you can automate and manage vCloud Director deployments with ease. Please give the latest 2.6.0 version a try and let us know your feedback and requests. As usual, see you in GitHub and Slack #vcd-terraform-dev channel (which you can join through VMware {code})!

We wish you Happy Holidays and a New Year!
Terraform vCloud Director Team