Benefit 5: Unify App Monitoring with vCOps

This post is part of the 7-part series Seven Top Benefits of Virtualizing Business Critical Applications.

Performance, capacity, and configuration management are becoming inseparable due to the dynamic nature of converged infrastructure. Traditional tools and processes designed for siloed, static, physical infrastructures don’t provide the automation and control you need to effectively manage highly virtualized and private cloud environments.

vCenter Operations Management Suite (vCOps) sets the industry standard in operational efficiency and allows you to: proactively enable virtual/cloud infrastructure performance for your business-critical applications; provide continuous compliance with operational and regulatory requirements; and, optimize resource utilization and cost.

Through the use of adapters, VMware vCenter Operations Manager can collect performance, topology, and events data from Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), and many other third-party monitoring tools to provide a comprehensive and coordinated view across all of the data you collect in your environment.

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