Oracle on VMware Support Policy changes Oct 9, 2019 – Metalink Note 249212.1

At the 2019 Oracle Open World conference, the week of Sept 16, 2019 , Oracle and VMware announced a new strategic alliance which resulted in Oracle becoming a member of the VMware Cloud Partner Program (VCPP) by offering the VMware Cloud Foundation based product names “Oracle Cloud VMware Solution” (OCVS) , sold by Oracle and its partners

More details on the VMware Oracle partnership can be found here.

The 2nd part of this strategic alliance is a new agreement for enhanced support for Oracle products running on VMware Environments running on Oracle Supported Computing Environments.

Oracle Corporation has now changed its landmark Metalink/ note 249212.1 describing that mutual support.  

The new text from the Metalink/ note 249212.1 is listed below.

Oracle customers with an active support contract and running supported versions of Oracle products will receive assistance from Oracle when running those products on VMware virtualized environments.

If Oracle identifies the underlying issue is not caused by Oracle’s products or is being run in a computing environment not supported by Oracle, Oracle will refer customers to VMware for further assistance and Oracle will provide assistance to VMware as applicable in resolving the issue.

This support policy does not affect Oracle or VMware licensing policies.

NOTE: For Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle will only accept Service Requests as described in this note on Oracle RAC and later release.

Screenshot of updated Metalink Note 249212.1 , as of October 10 , 2019 can be found below

Also as per the updated Metalink document 249212.1 , the entire clause about reproducing the issue on another physical platform has been removed.

The previous language had been considered somewhat vague by some customers who should now be confident that Oracle will, as stated in the note support their Oracle products running on VMware virtualized environments.

Previous version of the Metalink note 249212.1, as of Sept 23, 2019 can be found below.

Congratulations to all Oracle and VMware personnel who worked for many months to ensure that Oracle on VMware customers could continue to run these world leading products in tandem.