Monthly News – September 2019

Many thanks to all our donors, our sponsors, our partners and to everyone involved in supporting our project. Before we get started with the news, I’d also like to thank the people who helped us troubleshoot the Update Manager tray icon bug last month. It was an important bug, which we couldn’t easily reproduce, and thanks to you we were finally able to fix it.

Date Format

Last month we announced the Language configuration tool would let people choose the locale for the date format. In their feedback some users indicated this wouldn’t be enough, and they were right.

We looked into this and identified a design flaw in the way the default date format is localized. Although the names of the days and months are localized according to the LC_TIME environment variable, we were fetching the format itself using gettext according to the desktop’s language.

We will get this fixed in Cinnamon and in MATE for 19.3.


A lot of work went into polishing the XAppStatusIcons which were introduced last month. A new API is available on the desktop side which makes it easy to develop applets.

Applets are currently available for Cinnamon and MATE and we’re working on a panel plugin for Xfce 4.14.

In Linux Mint 19.3, libAppIndicator will also be patched to use XAppStatus as fallback.

System Reports

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to read the blog to find out a new version of Linux Mint was available? How about these language packs you’re missing in your computer? And did you set your root password already?

The System Reports tool is finally becoming the useful tool it was supposed to be. Its purpose is to raise awareness and identify potential issues in your computer.

It was first introduced in Linux Mint 18.3 as an application you could run to browse through information and crash reports.

In Linux Mint 19.2 it became compatible with LMDE and it received a new pane to show and upload system information.

Going forward it will run in the background and let you know when issues require your attention.

This allows us to communicate with you and to help you in a way we couldn’t before. Unlike the documentation and the release notes which are generic and targeted at all users, this tool allows us to show information and solutions which are relevant to you specifically, and if we know how to fix them, to provide you with a button you can click to solve things easily.

So far the tool checks:

  • If a new version of Linux Mint is available
  • If your version of Linux Mint is getting close to EOL
  • If your Timeshift configuration is set up (the Update Manager won’t care about this anymore)
  • If there are drivers available
  • If you are missing language packs
  • If you are missing multimedia codecs

And it raises awareness on the question of root passwords.

Linux Mint Logo

Work continues on the Linux Mint logo. I’d like to thank Sebastien (SebastJava) for identifying and fixing issues and margin inconsistencies in our original logo. We’re going towards an LM shape which looks similar to the original, but without these issues, without the gap between the two letters and without the surrounding leaf.

Reducing the logo to just the L and M letters allows us to produce more modern designs and exploit a wider variety of colors and shapes.

Other News

We received the very first MintBox 3. It looks amazing and its speed is fantastic. We’re troubleshooting an issue around the CPU and working with Compulab to address it.

We’ll have a review and more information about the unit in the next few weeks.

The codename for LMDE 4 is Debbie. It’s cute and it suits the Debian base quite well. There is no ETA for it yet.

Xplayer is a mature project, it’s well translated and it integrates very well within our desktop environments. Its performance in terms of video playback, which relies on the GStreamer backend, is however quite poor compared to other backends such as MPV. It also uses ClutterGst to render subtitles and OSD and that limits it when it comes to hardware accelerated playback. We’re looking at MPV based alternatives at the moment (the MPV player itself, Celluloid which can be made retro-compatible with 18.04, and libmpv1 which we can write a frontend for) and considering replacing Xplayer and not adding VLC automatically when installing the multimedia codecs.


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$500, The Reeves Law Group
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$163, Mark L.
$162, Albéric Trancart
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$76, Bill Harpley aka “quantum-billy”
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$30 (3rd donation), Mark DR
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$27 (12th donation), John K.
$27 (9th donation), Roger D. P. aka “Linux Users Group Monitor Niel“
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