Brigh10 Your Day with the All New vCloud Director!

Today, we announce a giant leap in vCloud Director’s transformation into a world-class service-delivery platform for our cloud provider family. Presenting … vCloud Director 10.

Introducing vCloud Director 10: Hybrid-Cloud at Scale

In the past two years, from vCloud Director 9.0 to (9.1. to 9.5 to) 9.7, we in the VMware Cloud Provider Software team have been laser-focused on one thing—listening to cloud provider feedback. We’ve been furiously executing, incorporating feature-sets that help our cloud provider win in the increasingly competitive world of cloud services.

As a result, vCloud Director has metamorphized from a multi-tenant IaaS manager to a hyperscale-class, developer-ready cloud services platform. Today, vCloud Director enables Cloud Providers to deliver a rich portfolio of turnkey cloud services – from migration to availability to security and app services. Our providers are also using vCloud Director to eliminate the headaches of custom tooling and build a hyperscale-class infrastructure.

With vCloud Director 10, cloud providers will be able to:

  • Save on operational costs with hyper-efficient data center management capabilities
  • Increase revenue and profitability with a suite of differentiated cloud services
  • Target new customer personas with a developer-ready cloud

Powering an industrialized, efficient hybrid cloud

Deployment and workflow automation are at the heart of a cloud provider’s operational efficiencies, and vCloud Director 10 will feature significant improvements on this front. The new Terraform Provider for vCloud Director will support all of a provider’s compute and network definition as code, our Cloud Provider Pod deployment automation continues to get better and faster, and vCloud Director will feature powerful context-aware automation across layers of service-class and tenancy.

VMware vCloud Director 10 will also introduce intelligent workload allocation. Cloud providers will be able to define VM-placement and sizing parameters and allocate them to specific organizations and clusters. This optimizes workload assignment by licenses, service-tier, fault domains, and processor and application-fit, lowering licensing costs and squeezing out that last bit of infrastructure productivity.

And as with the past few releases, the vCloud Director UI will continue to deliver more visibility into a cloud provider’s global cloud estate, including guided private cloud setup, inventory listing, VM status, VM health, and more.

Delivering differentiated cloud services

Managed services are the needle movers for our cloud provider partners, and vCloud Director will add more service-stitching and service-integration capabilities. As announced in June, vCloud Director now supports Cloudian Object Storage natively, 1-click DR powered by the latest vCloud Availability, migration support from HCX, and integrations with the leading backup and data management providers in world. With vCloud Director 10, VMware has published a backup certification program for vCloud Director with Cohesity, Commvault, Dell EMC, Rubrik and Veeam certified on Day 1.

In addition to integrated ISV services, cloud providers will be able to export custom service libraries to their customers or publish them on to the VMware marketplace for greater visibility and simpler consumption of their offerings.

Building a developer-ready cloud

While several vCloud Director-based providers are already operating containerized environments in production at scale, we’re simplifying container orchestration with vCloud Director even further to proliferate K8s as the principal infrastructure paradigm among VMware Cloud Providers. We announced the integration of enterprise-grade K8s on vCloud Director a couple months back, and now we’re laying the foundations for multi-cloud networking with deeper integration with NSX-T (NAT, DHCP, Edge Firewall, DNS, and VPN) and Day-1 application-building with the Bitnami catalog, currently in tech preview.

vCloud Director 10 will pop up in your downloads in about a month, and you can rest assured that you’ll find the latest training material, demos, and partner feedback on our vCloud Director playlist.

Discover the details at VMworld US

Finally, if you’re at VMworld US, please stop by at any of the over 40 vCloud Director sessions we are hosting for our cloud provider family! If you are a cloud strategist or architect looking for the first reveal of vCloud Director 10, swing by to HBI2452 where we’ll be detailing what’s new in vCloud Director 10 through discussions on roadmap, strategy, and demos of the latest and greatest. After all, we’re listed #1 on cloud architecture legend Daniel Paluszek’s top sessions for Cloud Providers at VMworld 2019 😎.

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