Introducing CloudSpot: Our New Podcast to Keep you Cloud Ready!

What is CloudSpot?

CloudSpot is a new podcast that discusses the latest cloud technologies from the Cloud Providers’ perspective and covers new products and updates from the VMware Cloud Provider team. The podcast series is not a detailed technical product pitch (although we will cover products!), rather it addresses real service provider challenges and customer use cases.

New Content for Different Cloud Personas

We will discuss Cloud as a Persona – looking at cloud from the differing persona viewpoints from partners, customers and VMware staff. Viewpoints and topics covered will include:

  • Operations management; challenges and solutions for cloud automation, Configuration & Service Management
  • Financial management; challenges and solutions for cloud metering, balancing, billing, violations & credit management
  • Security management; challenges and solutions for cloud policies, rules, reporting and compliance
  • Capacity management; challenges and solutions for cloud usage vs demand and quality
  • Product management: challenges and solutions for cloud services; architecture, pricing, functions and capabilities
  • …and many more!

Why: Simple, Portable Communications

We all lead busy lives, and we’re thrilled you’re making time to read our blogs! We know that’s not always possible and that we have had varying success in communicating to and helping enable all of our cloud providers.

Especially for those on the run or in the car, the new podcast provides an easier way to consume the latest information on cloud technologies and VMware solutions for our cloud providers.

Episode 1: Inside Look into VMware’s Cloud Practice

Today we are launching our first podcast, featuring myself @Guy Bartram as your host and @Dan Gallivan– Sr. Director of the Global Cloud Practice within the VMware Cloud Provider Program. We will be talking about the Cloud Practice and Dan’s experience with Cloud Providers as well as covering some of the recent major program and product announcements.

You can expect between 1 – 2 podcasts per month, perhaps more if time permits!

 How do I get access to Cloudspot?

Search iTunes or your favorite Podcast application for “Cloudspot” or click over to our website:

If you have feedback regarding the podcast or any ideas, please email