The Hybrid Cloud Gets Better: Meet vCloud Director 9.7

Whether you’re a cloud provider or IT leader building out your cloud strategy, your hybrid cloud possibilities are about to get a whole lot better thanks to the new VMware vCloud Director 9.7.

vCloud Director

vCloud Director—a powerful services platform that enables cloud providers around the world to run thriving, profitable cloud businesses—is set to deliver a suite of new innovations to help simplify the operations and management of large hybrid cloud landscapes.

vCloud Director 9.7 is the first cloud platform that enables both private and multi-tenant cloud service delivery capabilities across a global VMware vSphere-based cloud footprint. The new release is planned for general availability by the end of April.

Hyper-distributed cloud? Enjoy centralized global cloud management

vCloud Director 9.7 will help ease cloud operations by unifying private and multi-tenant cloud management across an organization’s global cloud footprint. As a result, cloud providers will be able to take advantage of opportunities in the managed private cloud industry, and enterprises will be able to consolidate and federate their cloud estate across geographies and lines of business.

For the first time, cloud providers, cloud admins, and DevOps will be able to unify visibility, ease of service delivery and management hybridity across customers’ on-premises vSphere environments, co-located datacenters, provider clouds, and 3rd-party vSphere clouds.

Greater scalability powers service-delivery to thousands of sites with confidence

New scalability enhancements in vCloud Director will help enable customers to meaningfully lower operational costs of deploying and managing distributed cloud environments at scale. The new version will introduce an appliance distribution that eliminates several previously-required steps for infrastructure setup and management.

The release will also feature a brand-new user interface (UI) for the cloud provider, with the ability to easily provision cloud infrastructure and cloud services with a few clicks.

Overall, vCloud Director 9.7 will bring new simplicity and scale to deploying and managing cloud infrastructure anywhere in the world, enabling cloud providers and business IT teams to better meet the increasing demand for flexibility and scale from their customers.

Deliver new, differentiated cloud service offerings

Key innovations in vCloud Director will further enhance the customer and developer experiences while also enabling customers to pursue managed services revenue opportunities.

With new enhancements to its extensibility framework, vCloud Director will help cloud providers and cloud admins deliver unique user experiences to each customer, as well as attract developers to code on vCloud Director. The expansion of the platform ecosystem with new integrations (stay tuned for key ecosystem announcements!) to leading 3rd-party solutions will enable new and dynamically growing capabilities, including more automation through deeper integration with solutions like HashiCorp Terraform and VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

vCloud Director: You can bet your -aaS on it

Of course, all of the above enhancements will be delivered on top of vCloud Director’s core suite of capabilities such as multi-tenancy, elasticity, cloud-native application templates, and deep integration with the VMware software defined datacenter (SDDC) stack.

vCloud Director-based services

If you’re a Cloud Provider running vCloud Director, get ready to take your cloud business to the next level. And if you’re not on the vCloud Director train yet, there’s no better time to hop on board!

And if you’re an enterprise customer exploring your hybrid cloud strategy, then VMware has over 4,000+ cloud provider partners to help you seamless extend your vSphere-based workloads to the hybrid cloud. Find the right partner for you!

vCloud Director will be available through the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP), cloud providers can sign up right here. And if you’re already a VMware Cloud Provider partner, be sure to check out our latest training and education on how to make your business more successful.

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