Learn about virtualizing HPC at PEARC18

Want to learn more about virtualizing HPC and Deep Learning? VMware experts will be at PEARC18 (Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing) this week (July 22 -26, 2018) in Pittsburgh, PA. The theme of the conference this year is Seamless Creativity. VMware vSphere can help you increase your cluster efficiency, ensure security of the cluster data, and reduce complexity by letting your IT team manage your research compute infrastructure (including NVIDIA GPUs and Infiniband) using tools they know well. This helps you put less energy into managing your cluster, allowing you to focus on creatively and quickly finding answers with data.

Seems like a pretty good match, and that’s why the VMware team will be at #PEARC18!

Will you be at PEARC18? We’d love to meet with you! Visit our booth and meet Alex Musicante, who can answer your tough architectural questions. Michael Cui will also be there, and he’s speaking on Tuesday, July 14. His presentation is Virtualizing HPC Throughput Computing Environments.

If you can’t get to this conference, be sure to check out more information on using vSphere to virtualize HPC and Big Data environments.