VMware Cloud Provider Platform Enables Cloud Provider Revenue Growth, Efficiency, and Differentiation Across Europe

Cloud Providers know that time is money. The faster customers onboard, the faster the time to revenue for the cloud provider. That’s why the VMware Cloud Provider Platform creates competitive differentiation for VMware Cloud Providers. Leveraging the strength of VMware Cloud Infrastructure, in combination with industrial-scale tenancy and management layer specifically designed for cloud providers, the Cloud Provider Platform facilitates rapid onboarding, simplified consumption and monetization of new services.

The Cloud Provider Platform is a tested, validated, and highly scalable combination of VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX, along with VMware vCloud Director® and vCloud Usage Meter, that enables providers to rapidly implement VMware clouds wrapped with their own differentiated services. Providers can easily provide self-service multi-tenant compute, network, storage, security and other infrastructure services, as well as valuable ecosystem services through key ISV partners. The result? Providers benefit from clear business outcomes through lower OpEx and faster time to revenue.

As a critical component of the Cloud Provider Platform, the recently-announced vCloud Director 9.0 (vCloud Director 9.0 announcement blog) enables simplified cloud consumption for tenants, a fast path to hybrid services, and rapid vSphere-to-cloud migrations for cloud providers worldwide. VMware continues to demonstrate its commitment to investing in the critical products, tools, and solutions that help cloud providers rapidly deploy and monetize highly scalable cloud environments with the least amount of risk.

With our attention firmly focused on Europe at the start of VMworld 2017 Europe, it’s helpful to review how VMware is helping Service Providers achieve real business results:

ATEA, a leading VMware cloud provider in the Nordics, has many customers asking for disaster recovery services to safeguard virtual machines in off-site locations and resume production in the case of disas­ter or failure in the local data center. With vCloud Director and their new vCloud Availability-based DR Service, ATEA was able to facilitate the roll-out of new DR services in addition to developing new, high value services for more advanced network configurations.

Iland, a VMware cloud provider with operations in the US and Europe, is able to deliver on its vision of providing a unique “hassle-free cloud” experience to customers from its UK data center by converting physical data center assets, like compute, storage and network, into large pools of virtual resources through vCloud Director and NSX.  This allows iland to support multi-tenancy services with the ability to orchestrate the provisioning of hybrid clouds that are ready for consumption in a matter of minutes. Iland has also just announced the addition of vCloud Availability services to its award-winning DRaaS portfolio (iland press release)

Proact, a European-based VMware Service Provider, was receiving requests for customer self-service and the ability to create virtual machines and networking functions on-demand. In addition, customers also wanted the capability to extend their data centers into Proact’s data center using L2 functions to ease workload migration. Proact provided a solution that combines vCloud Director and NSX, empowering customers to very quickly migrate workloads into Proact Hybrid Cloud using NSX to bridge the networking between on-premises and the Cloud. At the same time, customers now also have the ability to provision new workloads on-demand and manage their networks using a new self-service portal. (link to Proact case study)

Tieto, a leading IT and software company in the Nordics that serves over 800 customers across different industries, provides the best cloud technologies available by leveraging VMware’s cloud technology as a key enabler for its hybrid, automated and highly available cloud environments. Today the company’s multi-cloud service delivery platform, Tieto OneCloud, leverages vCloud Director in combination with NSX to offer multi-tenant, self-service advanced networking and security services to their customers.

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