It’s Easier Than Ever to Tell VMware What You Think


“At VMware, we listen but more importantly we act.” The latest integration of vSphere Ideas Portal with vSphere client takes this statement to a whole new level. vSphere Ideas portal is platform where customers can directly share their ideas/feature requests and can also vote for the requests posted by others.Any customer with a valid account can submit their idea/recommendation directly to VMware from vSphere client.

VMware will capture all these ideas and recommendations and will present them for voting. The most popular idea and recommendations will be eligible to be developed into actual vSphere features.


Ideas portal is available from vSphere client 7.0U1 onwards. Ideas portal can be accessed by clicking the “smiley face”, which is present in the top right corner of the vSphere client.

Accessing ideas portal

Users are presented with a “Send Feedback” form which has 3 categories: Problem, Compliment, or Idea.  While the Problem category can be used to share report problems and issues,  the Complement category can be used to share overall feedback.

vSphere Ideas feedback popup

Post selecting the Idea category customers can access the ideas portal by selecting “VISIT IDEAS PORTAL”. This basically redirects customers to account. After successfully authenticating, customers can view, publish, and vote ideas published by other users.

Voting and Publishing Ideas.

Once logged in, users can see the list view of all the published ideas. To vote for an idea, users can click on the “VOTE” icon.

To publish an idea a user must click on “Add a new idea” option and provide details like:

  • Title or summary of the idea/feature request (mandatory).
  • Description of the requested feature (optional).
  • vSphere product category (mandatory) – select from a predefined list the functional category the feature belongs to.
  • Tag (optional) – parameter bringing additional metadata to the idea of helping to filter the general list of feature requests.


 Feedback is a gift and VMware deeply appreciate customer’s feedback. VMware is constantly looking for ways to solve customers problems innovatively. Integrating vSphere ideas portal with vSphere client is a step towards enabling and empowering customers to share their feedback easily and also to let them define the road map of vSphere.

We are excited about these new releases and how vSphere is always improving to serve our customers and workloads better in the hybrid cloud. We will continue posting new technical and product information about vSphere with Tanzu & vSphere 7 Update 1 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays through the end of October 2020! Join us by following the blog directly using the RSS feed, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and by visiting our YouTube channel which has new videos about vSphere 7 Update 1, too. As always, thank you, and please stay safe.